Vampires have been known to be in European folklore and spread out across the world beginning in the 18th century. These creatures are humanoid in physical form, and possess supernatural powers. These beings are known to be immortal and undead, living off of life essence taken from other living organisms(mainly in the form of blood). Vampires have been said to stem from Transylvania, Serbia and have been recorded in many other mythologies around the world.


Vampires have many superhuman abilities, including strength, flight, magic, and the ability to control darkness(besides immortality and drinking blood). The potential strength of these powers depend entirely on the powers of the moon. During full moons, vampires are at their peak powers, being able to use their strengths to almost unlimited capacities. As for the other parts of the lunar cycle, a vampire's powers will wax and wane according to the moon.


Garlic and leeks have been poisonous to vampires, and it could burn them if in very high quantities.

Sunlight is also the natural weakness to the species, as it blisters and burns their pale skin. Blood stones have been rumored to hold the power of protecting vampires in sunlight.

Wooden stakes are a weakness to vampires as well. lf driven through the heart, the vampire will disintegrate into ash.

Shinso "True Blood" Vampire

There is a sub-category of vampires known as "Shinso" or "True Blood" Vampire that exists among the species. These vampires are known to be exceptionally much more stronger than their general cousins. These vampires do not feed on blood out of physical needs, but more on psychological needs. These vampires, such as Evangeline A.K. McDowell, have gone through magical means of transformation to become vampires. Either through demonic pacts or magical rituals, these vampires will eventually lose their weaknesses that normal vampires would be affected by.

One widely accepted theory as to the creation of these Shinso vampires come from the idea that the world must be balanced and returned to its original state. As humans and other creatures roam the world and corrupt it, it is a vampire's duty to restore that balance to the world.

Shinso Vampires have attained infinite power and the ability to completely restore wounds and injuries sustained during battle. Yet, Shinso vampires cannot exert their full force, as they are busy maintaining their blood lust within controlled limits

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