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General Articles

I would suggest leaving general articles to Wikipedia instead of posting non-negima articles on the Negima! Wiki.
/-/Jetscream Hannah-022.jpg (Officer's Mess) 15:56, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, but I'm not going to leave Wikipedia to do my job for me. We are here to deliver information on and about Negima, and that includes information about terms and locations that may be foriegn to western audiences. If nothing else, these little pages will enforce that we know our stuff. Netherith 05:31, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

"We are here to deliver information on and about Negima, and that includes information about terms and locations that may be foreign to western audiences."

I agree. The non-negima articles are fine to me as it is slightly related to Negima, the kissing, the girl's body shape, Cheerleading, Dodgeball, Tea Ceremony, and etc....
Netherith, continue what u do.. i would add it myself if i should too... :]
--Me ^-^ —PoKeLuS ____S2 17:39, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

Perhaps we then coud add a subheader in each of these 'general' articles that explain their significance in the Negima!universe, like so:
  • Kissing: explain that it's the most common and well-known way to form a pactio
  • Pillow Fights: talk about the Kyoto Field Trip's nightly showdown
  • BWH and Blood Type: make a list of the known ones, in the blood types possibly even compare between the established character types and their Negima! depiction

/-/Jetscream Hannah-022.jpg (Officer's Mess) 11:28, March 27, 2012 (UTC)
There is a reason why I left a gallery section on those pages. Look at the Love Hina wiki for examples on how they are to be handled. Netherith 13:04, March 27, 2012 (UTC)
Be that as it may, the majority of these pages have no or very little mention of Negima whatsoever. This is how you should have done it - a small section of real-world background facts, with the majority having context to the subject matter of this Wikia.
/-/Jetscream Hannah-022.jpg (Officer's Mess) 14:03, December 10, 2018 (UTC)


I was wondering if it would be ok to rename the Book of Merkisedek, since according to volume 2 of the manga it refers to the biblical Melchizedek. I will include the wording from the volume for simplicity's sake:

The Vulgata translation of the Bible (Genesis 14:17-20) says that upon returning from the subjugation of Cherdorlaomer and the kings who were allied with him, King Sodom came to meet Abram in Valley Shaveh. The king of Salem, Melchizedek, a priest of the supreme god, came there bringing bread and wine. Melchizedek said blessings to Abram. The blessing asked of the supreme god, creator of heaven and earth, was for Abram. The blessing also promised to deliver the enemy into the clutches of the supreme god. In Hebrew, it's Melchizedek. It's not written in the canons or Apocrypha, but there's a legend of our ancestor Abraham being granted the secret of the cabala. (Eighth Period).

Glad to hear your input,
/-/Jetscream Hannah-022.jpg (Officer's Mess) 19:18, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks, I will ask you if I need anything.Scipio383 (talk) 12:55, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks, I'll ask if I need any help

Scipio383Scipio383 (talk) 12:56, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Netherith. Thanks for the welcom. Was actually on the wikia and noticed that I could help out here and there so I just joined up. Thanks for the helping hand, appreciate it. I wanted to check with you if you agree with me on my update to Negi Springfields page about who he likes. Ive actually went back and forth between the chapters to make sure and I believe its true.

Thanks again


NitroDemon69 (talk) 12:59, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

we should talk sometimes u have facebook?

i wrote a page on a charater name Touta from a new manga but is related to Negima because Touta is Negi's grandchild and negi married konoe

Touta is not from Negima, he's from UQ Holder. A page of Touta does not belong here, go to the UQ Holder wiki. Netherith (talk) 03:54, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

Pactio Page

Since people seem to be really on for keeping UQ Holder! and Negima! seperate, I wanted to ask you a question. Since UQ Holder doesn't really have a pactio page, would it be alright if I copy the information from a the pactio page on here to one on there. And same for the little info on the UQ Holder sections on some character pages here.TheRogue1000 (talk) 20:30, April 10, 2020 (UTC)

Since you never responded I went on a took the liberty of creating one. Its info is UQ Holder! focused, though it contains a lot of info from the Negima! Pactio page. Hope you don't mind.TheRogue1000 (talk) 23:00, April 11, 2020 (UTC)