Ukigumo - Tsumuji Issen
Tsumuji Issen
Kanji 浮雲・旋一閃
Romaji Ukigumo - Tsumuji Issen
English Floating Cloud, Spiral Flash
Style Shinmei-ryū
Technique Class Nagewaza 投げ技
Grappling Techniques
User(s) Setsuna

Ukigumo - Tsumuji Issen (浮雲・旋一閃, Floating Cloud, Spiral Flash) is a throwing technique which uses an opponent’s momentum to push him backwards and upwards into a spinning flip. this is done by the using grabbing onto the opponent's shoulder while locking one foot behind the opposite leg and ankle, then flipping oneself into the air, bringing the opponent with them before knocking them into the ground.

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