|name         = 
|image        = 
|image_width  =
|kanji        =
|rōmaji       =
|other        = 
|birth        = 
|race         =
|gender       =
|age          = 
|zodiac       = 
|blood        = 
|eyes         =
|hair         =
|height       =
|weight       =
|three sizes  =
|residence    = 
|affiliations = 
|family       = 
|job          = 
|clubs        = 
|likes        =  
|dislikes     = 
|magic        =
|weapons      =
|pactio       =
|status       =
|voice        = 
|seiyu        = 
|manga debut  =
|anime debut  =

Field Meaning Example
name Full Name(If not set, the page's title will be used) Mutsumi Otohime
image Linked image; 250px large [[File:<ImageFile>|250px;]]
aliases Any aliases used, separated with comma Alias 1, Alias 2, Alias 3, ...
birth The character's Birthday November 15th
age Age at the beginning of the story 20
zodiac Zodiac Sign(Listed in the manga Book 1, Chapter 5, Page 20) Cancer
blood Blood Type(Seen together with Zodiac Sign) O
height Height of Person(cm or feet) 152cm
residence Current Residence Hinata Inn
affiliations I have no idea of what this means... ???
friends List of Friends Friend 1, Friend 2, Friend 3, ...
family List of Family Members, with relations Person 1 (wife), Person 2 (adopted daughter), Person 3 (pet)
job The person's current job, or just "School" Freelance Writer
likes Anything the person likes Watermelons, Turtles
dislikes Anything the person dislikes Turtles, Keitaro
voice English Voice Actor <Name>
seiyu Japanese Voice Actor(Seiyu) <Name>
first First appearance(Anime Episode; Manga Chapter) [[Episode <number>]]; [[Chapter <number>]]
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