Shaft Sucks!

The only one who really fails at being Makie Sasaki is Misora Kasuga. Shaft thought we’d accept Misora as a pretender to Makie’s throne in the Athleticlique!? The Athleticlique is Yūna, Ako, Akira and Makie. Misora has no place among them, but Shaft decided Makie was too popular and tried to stick her with Ayaka and Fei. And Shaft fails at being funny with their stupid “fail at life” joke. Seriously, that’s bullying that Ayaka’s doing there, and bullying a popular character is a great way to anger a lot of viewers. It’s no wonder their pathetic excuse for a series ended up unfinished.

That’s also why I’m writing a fanfic in which Makie kills Ayaka.

Jojo Bizarro 02:48, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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