Konoka's Fans

On this article, it has the names of her fans listed as Flabellum Euri and Flabellum Australe. I'm not saying these are wrong, but the English tankōbon brings two other names to light (although I'm not sure which one replaces which). Anyway, they are as follows; Kochi no Hiougi (東風檜扇, East Wind Cypress Fan) and Hae no Suehiro (南風末広, West Wind Folding Fan), which, now that I look at the kanji, are partially incorrect as the "kaze" kanji is not even present in the Romanization. I wanted to add this information, but didn't want to do anything wrong, so if anyone has any input, great. RecklessFire 02:25, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

Simple really. If you look at Vetus, you'll notice that, just as in the tankōbon, they list both the 'official' latin name and a somewhat decent japanese translation for the domestic fans that are unfamiliar with the foreign alphabet.
/-/Jetscream Hannah-022 (Officer's Mess) 13:19, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

Negi and Konoka

The article says that they're married to each other.

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