The subject of this article is related to 'Royal Blood' & 'Royal Family'.
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Old Tale and Origin


In the old times was the 'Royal Magic' called Magic of the Ancients. After Yue's explanation, provided by her artifact, reasons that the power dates back to the old royal bloodline of the magical world itself and is in a way linked to the basis of the pactio system.


Apparently, it is a different kind of magic compared to the normal one. Its true power and abilities are to date unknown, but its obviously very strong, since Arika was able to beat up Nagi with simple hand slaps pretty badly. With those given facts, Yue dared to assume that Negi's abnormal talents, like learning difficult spells within a short period of time as well as his inate power rising, are rooted in it.

All user have displayed so far enormous power in physically and magical way, as well in some other areas.

Users / Members of the Royal Family

# = Suspected of being able to use it.

The Problematic Question

An interesting topic is the fact that Asuna, in her real name Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, carries the same last name as Arika. With Asuna related to Arika would it logically mean, that Asuna should be able to use 'Royal Magic' as well. As contra comes the fact, that she can only use 'Magic Cancel' and that the Mage of the Beginning is the direct ancestor of Asuna, which would lead to the fact, that the complete Royal Bloodline is somehow related to him.


  • All Members, excluding the Mage of the Beginning experienced horrible things in their life, such as the death of the ones they loved and destruction of their own home areas.
  • Some fans suspect that Negi's Pactio with Chachamaru, a robot, was 'helped' by the Royal Magic since its rumored to be linked to the system itself.
  • Arika's father, though shown in a faded memory, never appeared in the series proper, but it was stated that he had the same power as his daugther.