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Pactio is a magical contract used by many mages in Negima. The word is based on the Latin word "pactiō", the action of making a "pactum" or "agreement". The word 'pactio' is also fairly often called a "provisional contract." Pactios can be created with any magic user, although not all magic users can create a magica circle. The partner with whom the pactio is formed attain abilities related to their personalities. In the remake series, Negima!?, the formation is known as a "neo-pactio."

The basic, blank pactio.

Pactio Basics


The "pactio" system, which is commonly used among Western Mages, has two components comprising it: The "Magister Magi" and the "Minister Magi" (respectfully "Magistra Magi" and "Ministra Magi" if female). "Magister" is the original Latin form of "master", and "minister" is Latin for "servant"; "magi" is the genitive form of "magus" "magician", translating the terms to "master of magic" and "servant of magician". The traditional purpose to this system is to give the Magister a kind of support during battle. Normally, the Ministra's duty is to protect the Magister with physical abilities and his/her artifact, while the Magister is given time and space to cast offensive and defensive spells. One might compare the Ministra like infantry, while the Magister is like the long-range artillery. The Magister fighting alongside the Ministra with combat spells and physical attacks is another version of this system. In this case, the Magister is also referred to as a Combat Mage or "'Magic Swordsman"'. Negi had decided to be a Combat Mage. Interestingly, although "Ministra" refers to females and "Minister" to males, all cards shown so far has "Charta Ministralis" (Ministra's Card) written on them.This is due to the inherent gender of the word Charta that carries over into the modifier Ministralis.

The "pactio" enables the magician casting the spell, the Magister, to transfer some of his/her magic power to the other person involved in the "pactio", the Ministra, improving the Ministra's natural capabilities, by an average of ten times their normal capacity, according to Chamo. Another advantage included in having a "pactio" is the ability for the Ministra to summon a "magic artifact". Each magic artifact reflects the Ministra summoning it, and as such, the vast majority of magic artifacts will be quite different. In the case of Nodoka, she received a magic picture diary, which reflects her title as a librarian. With Haruna, she received a magic quill and sketchbook, which ties in with her personality as an artist. As Chamo stated, there is no real way of determining just what kind of artifact is given to each new Ministra, but one can assume that the artifact will reflect an aspect of the Ministra's personality.

When a "pactio" is established, a card is created as proof of the contract. Copies can be made (the Magister keeps hold over the originals), and these cards allow for telepathic communication between the Magister and Ministra (with the Ministra being able use the card to communicate telepathichally not only to just the Magister, but also with any other person who also has a Pactio with the same Magister).[1] It also allows the Magister to summon the Ministra at any time. With the incant Evocem Vos (Come Forth), followed by the Ministra's name, the Magister is able to summon his or her Ministra, moving both living and inanimate objects across space instantly. It should be noted that physical objects held or in contact with the Ministra at the time of summon will be teleported with as well. This ability has so far been shown four times in the Manga series, when Negi called Asuna and Setsuna in Kyoto, when he summoned Asuna later in chapter 60 (much to her horror since she was taking a bath at the time), when he summoned Setsuna, and when Fate Averruncus summoned his Ministra in chapter 215. Apparently, there is a limit as to how far away a magister can summon his/her ministra. According to Chachamaru in chapter 189, the maximum distance is around 10 km.

If the Ministra should be left to his/her own wits, he/she can use the copy of the "pactio" card to borrow magical energy from the Magister, or to summon his/her artifacts. To summon forth the artifact, the Ministra invokes the phrase "Adeat", meaning to "bring forth" in Latin. This causes the copy card to transform into the artifact. To return the artifact to its card form, the phrase "Abeat" is used. When an artifact reverts back into its card form, any damage that it has received will usually be repaired (with examples of artifact damage in the manga ranging from Kotarou breaking the bow to Shirabe's fiddle to Nodoka's mind-reading book being turned to stone). The Magister can also make the artifact to appear by using the Master Copy.

A Ministra may also "upload" different types of outfit onto their Pactio cards and wear them when activating the power of the cards. So far, this ability has been used by Chisame (who changed her outfit from the one that appears on her Pactio card to the Bibilon costume she wore during the first day of the Mahora Festival), Asuna, who added a gothic lolita outfit (featuring a back sleeveless dress, a split skirt, long gloves, boots, and white shorts) and Konoka (who has "uploaded" her nurse outfit from the third day of the Mahora Festival). Konoka also made Setsuna upload a maid costume for her Pactio card that resemble those wear by Chachamaru in Evangeline's resort. Whether this ability has any benefit for the Ministra is yet to be shown.

Due to the importance the Western Mages places on having the Ministra Magi, it should come as no surprise that there is a spell designed specifically for forming partnerships. Kissing usually forms the "pactio", also known as "contract". The Del Rey version omitted the fact that the "pactio" can be done in more ways than just kissing. The "blood swap" scenario made by Del Rey is actually a fallacy in translation, but it can be considered as a possible way to make a "pactio".

If the Magister in a "pactio" dies, then the "pactio" can be considered as cancelled or invalid. The Ministra would no longer have mystically-boosted abilities nor an artifact, because logically the source of his/her powers is gone. It was stated in the English-version Manga that Mana is no longer magically empowered nor is able to summon her artifact, because her previous Magister is deceased. However, this also implies that Mana is free to form a new "pactio" with another Mage if she so chooses. Furthermore, it is also revealed that Albireo has several dead "pactios" and one active one with Negi's father.

It should be noted that there are also at least three "levels" of contracts: "Mistake", "Temporary", and "Permanent".

Mistake Pactio

The weakest level, the Mistake Pactio cards, tend to be badly drawn and are extremely specific, providing little real information. The titles given are blunt and not very flattering. They are also known as Botched Cards. Mistake Pactio cards in turn allow for little to no magical effects - there is the possibility of empowering the Ministra with magic much like a normal pactio card, but requiring a great deal of magic power for the Magister. For Asuna, Negi had to utilize a large amount of his own personal energy to power her up. In Konoka's case, the Mistake Pactio card awakened the magical potential within her. Mistake Pactio cards, as implied by the name, are formed via mistakes in the pactio ceremony's completion, such as an improper kiss, blood swap, or other mishaps.

In the manga, Negi has made Mistake Pactios with Asuna, Konoka, Ayaka, Ku Fei, Makie, and Fuka and Fumika Narutaki. Asuna and Konoka's came from not giving Negi a kiss on the lips, while the others were made when the girls in question kissed magic copies of Negi during the "Kiss Negi" game on the Kyoto trip. Fuka and Fumika both kissed a copy at the same time, and got a single card featuring both of them. A Mistake Pactio card was also made for Nodoka during the game that took place during the Kyoto trip. However, the origin of Nodoka's Mistake Pactio card was made when Asuna interrupted the Pactio ceremony between Negi and Nodoka when Chamo tried to get them to make one.

Temporary Pactio

Temporary Pactio, as the name indicates, are equivalent to Permanent Pactio in many ways, but only last until a permanent contract is formed. They are also known as Probationary Contracts. From what has been indicated, a Magister can have an infinite amount of Temporary Contracts, but the number of Permanent Contracts depends on the power of the mage in question (most mages can only form one permanent contract). Furthermore, it has been said that the mage has to be a certain age to form a Permanent Pactio (Chamo explained to Negi that since he's still a kid, he can't make one). Presumably, it is also impossible to form a Temporary Contract once a Permanent Contract has been formed. Temporary Pactio cards are written almost entirely in Latin - including the name of the Ministra. Information provided on the Temporary Pactio cards includes the name of the Ministra, the Ministra's specialization, astrology sign (by planet), virtue, direction, and color. In the girls' case, the card also provides their seat number in class.

It is possible for a Ministra to make a pactio with more than one magister. Both Setsuna and Shiori have pactios with both Negi Springfield and another. But it is noted that simultaneous use of two Pactio Artifacts at the same time is incredibly draining on the Ministra, and someone without a great deal of power and skill (such as Setsuna) could burn themselves out if they tried.

Whenever Chamo draws up a circle and a proper Temporary Pactio is made, a fee of 50,000 Ermine Dollars is charged (Atlhough in the anime, Chamo is compensated for each Partner that Negi acquires). Chamo also explains that is why Mistake Pactios must be avoided. Mistake and Temporary Pactio have considerable leeway as to how they are formed. In these cases, they can be made without the consent, and sometimes knowledge, of those involved. Due to this fact, Negi is very cautious about making contracts, considering that some girls in his class have expressed a desire to get a card, without knowing about the truth behind it. He frequently states that he does not want others to get involved with the danger in dealing with magic, demons, and such. But of course this fails, as almost more than half class knows about this.

It also appears that the wills of the participants may have an effect on the Pactio. Chachamaru, most likely due to being a robot, was not recognized as a viable Pactio partner until Negi forced the issue, while the Pactio with Ayaka was very nearly reversed (putting herself as the Magister and Negi as the Ministra) due to the strength of her feelings.

In Negi's case, he has 17 contracts at present. Two of his Temporary Pactio, Asuna and Setsuna, were done because of necessity; one (Konoka) was made to save his life; one (Nodoka) was done due to Chamo's schemes. Two more were done when Haruna and Konoka pushed him together with Yue; with Haruna immediately taking advantage of the situation afterwards. Another was done with Chisame, who was forced to realize what she had to do to assist in the battle against Chao, making her attempt to kiss him while he was still unconscious, but he woke up. His Pactio with Kazumi was done not with Chamo but with a special Pactio broker in mage world, due to the investigator's potential to assist in searching for allies within the realm they are trapped in. During the first two days of the Ostia festival, he made a Pactio with Kaede in preparation for the upcoming battle with Fate. He has made Pactios with both Ku Fei and Chachamaru, which took place during a party held by Godel. He also made one with Shiori in an attempt to reveal her true self without hurting her. Most recently Negi has made Pactios with Ako, Yuna, and Makie while undergoing more magic training under Evangeline. By the end of the Magic world arc, Negi as made two more provisional contracts, with Ayaka and Chizuru. The last onscreen pactio shown was with Akira when she decided she wanted to protect Negi from some of her classmates who were forcing him to confess who his true love is.

An interesting note about Yue's Pactio Card is that it became blank when she lost her memory in the Magical World. Once she regained her memories, her Pactio Card was restored along with the magical boost the contract provides. Also the pactio is proof that Chachamaru has a soul.

In the manga, Negi has Temporary Pactio with Asuna, Nodoka, Setsuna, Konoka, Yue, Haruna, Chisame, Kazumi, Kaede, Ku Fei, Chachamaru, Ako, Yuna, Makie, Chizuru, Ayaka, Akira and Shiori. In both anime series, he makes Temporary Pactio with the entire class. In the live action series and the Negima!? neo manga, Negi has Temporary Pactio with Asuna, Nodoka, and Konoka.

In addition, Konoka has formed a Temporary Pactio with Setsuna giving her two cards while Kotaro has one with Natsumi. Mana's pactio card is dead and not functioning due to her partner being deceased.

Permanent Pactio

Permanent Pactio are currently shrouded in mystery -- a possible permanent contract card may have appeared though nothing was truly revealed about it. It can be said there is a great possibility the Magister who initiated said contract died. As for any specifics on the card design, effects, and the completion of a contract, it is still completely unknown. It has been stated however, that if the Magister is deceased then the contract becomes invalid and furthermore, the card itself is wiped clean of most of its details and titles. According to Negi in Volume 2, a Permanent Pactio often leads to a non-platonic relationship between the partners, although this may not always be the case. Negi did admit that many partners wind up marrying each other, and through a series of misunderstandings and wild gossip, several of the girls believe that Negi's quest to find a partner means finding a lover.


Within the Pactio system, a Magister/Magistra is able to send magical energy to his/her Minister or Ministra, enhancing the Minister or Ministra's physical abilities greatly. Other enchantment includes a healthier appearance, and better muscles, and improved athletic ability. The energy that wraps around the Minister/Ministra is not visible under most cases, and to the eyes of normal people. When invoked, the Minister or Ministra is gifted with increased strength, speed, and durability. A large degree of protection from physical and magical attacks is also granted due to the energy field that is being emitted around the body. The strength of the expanded "field" is dependent on the master's magical capacity. The Minister/Ministra will keep receiving magic until the Magister/Magistra exhausts his/her magical energy, or by simply stopping the flow.

To send magical energy, a mage will normally recite a spell. Although, doing so through an unincanted and conscious means is also possible.

Latin: Sis Mea Pars, Per Decem Secundās! Ministra Negiī, Cagurazaca Asuna!
English: Activate the contract 10 seconds! Attendant of Negi, Kagurazaka Asuna!

An example. Sis Mea Pars meaning "Be(come) a part of me". It should be noted that the second verse determines the duration for how long the activation will be set to.

Latin: Sītis Meae Partēs, Per Centum Octōgintā Secundās! Ministrae Negiī, Cagurazaca Asuna, Sacurazaci Setuna!
English: Activate the contract 180 seconds for Kagurazaka Asuna and Sakurazaki Setsuna! Attendants of Negi!

Another example. Nearly identical in verse, but with noticeable difference. This is used when activating for than one Minister or Ministra. As seen, Sītis Meae Partēs means "May You Be Parts of Me". And Ministrae is the plural form of Ministra.

Latin: Sim Ipse Pars Per Secundam Dimidiam, Negius Springfieldēs!
English: Activate the contract for half a second, Negi Springfield!

An atypical spell. Normally, Magi send power to the Minister/Ministra, but in this spell shown here, the Magister gathers the magic and returns it to himself. Normally recited with "Sis Mea Pars" (Become a part of me) but here, Sim Ipse Pars means "Let Me Myself Be the Part".

Latin: Sim Tua Pars!

Sim Tua Pars meaning " May I be a Part of You". Typically, mages recites, then directly sends energy to support their Minister/Ministra. But in the case where the Magister or Magistra is unconscious or asleep, he/she, who is in contract with the mage, still retains the duty of protecting him/her. For that reason, this spell is designed to help the Minister or Ministra in drawing magical support independently. However, magic that flows to the Minister or Ministra will feel different compared to having it controlled by the mage. Hence, this spell have limitations, and the limits depends on the application of the abnormal energy under such situation.


Latin: Ēvocem Vos! Ministrae Negiī, Cagurazaca Asuna Sacurazaci Setuna!
English: I Summon Forth, Attendants of Negi, Kagurazaka Asuna, Sakurazaki Setsuna!
Latin: Ēvocem Tē!, Cagurazaca Asuna!
English: Let Me Summon you, Kagurazaka Asuna!

It's also possible with a simple recite of Ēvocem Vos (Come Forth?), followed by the name(s) of the Minister/Ministra. To be summoned means to move across space instantly, and to appear before the summoner. Ideal in situations where a Magister or Magistra find himself or herself in need of help, defenseless from being separated from his or her Minister/Ministra, or for tactical or strategical purposes.

Process and Other Facts

The symbols used in Western astrology to represent the astrological signs in the Pactio circle

The process for both Mistake and Temporary Pactios is as follows:

  • A mediator for the contract draws up a magic circle. Negi usually uses Chamo for this, but a Pactio Broker can also initiate the process, as it was done for Asakura's contract.
  • Both participants of the contract must be within the circle. Normally, the circle is only meant for two people at a time, but Chamo once drew a circle large enough to surround an inn during the Kyoto field trip. The position of the participants within the circle will determine who will be the magister and who will be the minister of the contract.
  • A ritual or vow is made to seal the contract, normally a kiss on the lips between the two involved, or blood exchanging, for those who are uncomfortable with such things. It is at this point that a mistake causes a Botched Card to be formed.
  • A Pactio Card is magically drawn up to signify the completion of the process. The Mage keeps this Master Copy, but a Copy Card can be created for the partner to use.
  • Several other characters have Pactio cards not connected by Negi, both in and outside the class. Mana holds one dead card, signifying a contract with a previous mage no longer living. Similarly, Albireo holds several cards, one Pactio with a currently living mage (Nagi) and several (shown to number at least ten) dead ones. Misora has one card as well, but hers is still active with her magistra Cocone.
  • A person is able to be ministra magi for several different mages, but whether or not this applies to a permanent contract is not yet known.
  • Though usually a Magister has only one Permanent Minister Pactio, Chamo said that there can be more, depending on the power of the Magister.

Negima! - Manga Pactio vs. Alternate Media

In the controversial ending of the original "Negima!" anime, Negi must make Pactio with all thirty-one girls to stop an immense threat. At the time of the airing of this episode, only four girls had Pactio with Negi in the manga (Asuna, Nodoka, Setsuna, Konoka), while one had a Pactio minus Negi (Mana) and eleven other girls had official cards introduced by Akamatsu without a Pactio. (Sakurako, Chisame, Makie, Satomi, Ayaka, Evangeline, Fuka/Fumika, Kazumi, Ako, Yue) The anime chose to interpret the powers of the unmade Pactio of the existing cards their own way, while creating fifteen other cards to give powers and abilities for the remaining girls. At the time, it was unknown whether the anime producers had created the abilities originally intended for the non-Pactio girls by Akamatsu.

However, since the end of the first anime, further revelations show that these Pactio are not as intended. Three of the girls previously given official Pactio cards have since made Pactio in the manga (Yue, Chisame and Kazumi) and have been given different abilities than the ones interpreted in the anime version of their Pactio abilities. Another of the students (Misora) has also revealed a temporary Pactio through another mage that is completely different from her anime power: while the anime Pactio emphasizes her connection with a sect of nuns, the manga one gives her an ability connected to her running skills. Furthermore, Haruna, who did not have an official Akamatsu card and only received a card and power in the anime ending, has also made a Pactio in the manga, giving her a different set of abilities and even a different costume than what was depicted prior. These confirm that the anime and the manga Pactio, as they are revealed, will not be the exact same either in ability or appearance.

Note: the official Pactio cards released were promotional cards tied to various Negima media merchandise both early in the manga run as well as during the first anime series. In particular, a run of twelve CDs featuring the girls in one of various groups as known in the manga had one card each. While four girls had the CD and the card to themselves (Asuna, Konoka, Chisame, Ayaka), one (or in one case, two) members of the eight group CDs got the card. For example, a CD for the Library Club (Nodoka, Yue, Haruna) used Nodoka for their Pactio representative (though she had a Pactio already in the manga at the time), while the Culture Club group (Kazumi, Chizuru, Natsumi, Zazie) had an official Kazumi Pactio, even though she does not receive the Pactio itself until much later.

Later, in the Spring OAV, produced by Shaft, sees Asuna using her manga Pactio card. Ironically, Shaft, which also produced Negima!?, would later develop the Neo-Pactio card system, discussed in the next section.

In the live action adaptation, Asuna, Nodoka, and Konoka form "Probationary" contracts with Negi, with Chamo still officiating despite being only a patch. The cards formed resembles the Pactio cards seen the manga, but with the live action actresses replacing the manga characters.

Neo-Pactio Cards

The anime series Negima!?, an alternate interpretation of the Negima manga, has a similar but slightly different style of Pactio. Known as Neo-Pactio, it follows the similar rules applied in the Akamatsu manga, with some differences.


A contract is created between a mage and a potential Pactio, usually through a kiss. Chamo is once again the mediator, but this time, he doesn't have to draw up a magic circle with a piece of chalk. Instead, he simply summons it up. As in the manga, Chamo is eager for Negi to make as many Pactios as possible, but here it is as each nets him 50,000 Ermine Dollars as opposed to Chamo wanting to improve the strength of Negi's group.

Asuna's three Pactio Cards, Armor (left), Suka (middle) and Cosplay (right)

Upon creation, 3 card types are created for Pactio Invokation:

  • Dud (Suka in the original Japanese script and occasionally called dead in english version): Similar to the botched card, this card ends up turning the Ministra into a super deformed character in an animal costume, where they can do little or nothing to assist the mage. In many cases, the animal they become expresses a certain attribute or connection regarding that student. This form also mentally regresses the Ministra into a child for the duration of the transformation.
  • Cosplay: The Ministra gains a special costume and a special artifact or ability for assistance. While not the most powerful of cards, there are skill advantages in this transformation.
  • Armor (sometimes called Rare): Equated to the Temporary Pactio of the manga, the Ministra gains a special costume and weapon or ability that enhances and allows them to fight in battle.

Within the first thirteen episodes, nine girls made contracts with Negi, six of who already had Pactio in the manga (Asuna, Nodoka, Setsuna, Konoka, Yue, Haruna) and three without them (Fuka, Fumika, Kaede). However in episode fourteen, the situation presented itself where twenty of the other classmates had to make a contract in order to free Negi from a precarious situation. At the time, Evangeline reasoned that she and Chachamaru did not Pactio due to their inhuman natures (one being a vampire, the other an android). However, both did eventually Pactio towards the end of the series: Evangeline to be saved from a possession, and Chachamaru merely to complete Negi's collection.


Each of the three pactio cards for each student has a different design to reflect its power. Like the original Temporary Pactio cards in the manga and the first anime, each card bears the name of the Ministra and various information about the Ministra.

  • For hilarity, Suka cards are entirely written in hiragana ("Suka Card" is written like this: すかかーど), and this applies even to non-Japanese names such as Evangeline's. Each card bears a rune letter and some gibberish below it (usually what the animal as which each student dresses says outside some "specific" lines for certain characters such as Nodoka, Evangeline and Ayaka). Each Suka Card also has a plaid pattern on the background. Unlike the two other kinds of cards in which each has one general background color, the colors of the plaid pattern in each Suka card vary from student to student. There are four sets of numbers (all written in Hindu-Arabic) on each Suka card: (a) Two sets of numbers on opposite corners of the smaller black frame which indicate the student's class number, (b) a number signifying the card level found at the lower right-hand corner of the card, and (c) a four-digit number which indicates the student's birthdate. (Evangeline's four-digit number is 9999, since her definite birthdate is unknown.) To add to the uselessness of the card, it lists the Ministra's likes and dislikes, rather the planet and color connected to her as indicated in the Armor and Cosplay cards, and while her equivalent direction is shown, it is indicated by a badly-drawn arrow instead of a compass rose used in the other two cards.
  • In essence, Cosplay cards are almost the same as the Temporary Pactio cards in the manga. They are almost entirely written in Latin ("Charta Figura" is the Latin name of the Cosplay card, although the words "Charta Ministralis", the name seen in the manga pactio cards, can barely be seen) but also includes the name of the Ministra in kanji and kana. It only differs from the Temporary Pactio cards in having a gray (rather than beige) stylized background and the magic circle seems to be a place podium for the Ministra. Below the student's name is a Latin expression, one that emphasizes the character. Also, a rune letter is seen at the top right-hand corner of the card with the name of a figure from Norse mythology related to the student below the rune. The seat number of the student is written in Roman numerals and found at opposite corners of the small black frame in the card. The card level number is written in Hindu-Arabic and is found at the lower right-hand corner of the card.
  • Armor cards are entirely written in English with the name of the student in Western order. They also have an outer space background, thus giving them a modern look. Each card bears the name of the card itself ("Equip") and the regular occupation of the Ministra ("Rank"). The only number written in each card is the card level, found in "Symparate" circle, which is the lower right circle in the card. There are three other circles in the card, labelled "Guardian", "Direction", and "Astral", bearing the Ministra's various information. Like the plaid patterns on the Suka cards, the color of the lines and the magic circle in each Armor card varies from student to student, but this at the very least is not immediately noticeable. Each Armor card also has two strange features: the given name of the student and her Japanese voice actress's name written in Wabun Code (Japanese Morse code) at the bottom edge of the card and a bar code at the left edge of the card, bearing the student's date of birth and her student number.

Pactio usage

The mage invokes the Pactio when needed from his Ministra. During invokation, the mage draws one of the 3 Pactio cards from the Ministra. The card is randomly drawn, but usually he has two out of three chances of drawing something that assists him in battle.

The process for activating the pactio is as follows:

  1. Negi must invoke the pactio with an incantation.
  2. The partner or partners in question must be within close proximity with him. In the case of one partner, she begins to levitate before him while a globe appears, normally around the abdominal area, (in Chao's case, the globe encircles her in the form of a nikuman).
  3. Negi reaches within the globe, and pulls out the contract card. This is purely a random selection, in which a Suka, Cosplay or Armor card is selected.
  4. Once selected, the partner undergoes an intricate transformation sequence and take on the appearance and powers of the image shown on the card. Usually in the anime, the image shown on a pactio card appears after the partner had transformed.

Note that it is within the realm of possibility that a mistake in the process can cause Negi to select the Suka card, such as in the case of Ku Fei, when she accidentally kicked his hand.

When summoning multiple pactios, the mage can simultaneously invoke a summon in one incantation. Likewise, cards are also drawn simultaneously, with one orb representing all invoked. However, the probability for drawing the one of three cards for each pactio summon is independent of each other. Thus, a combination of card types is possible. This is shown in the tenth episode where out of seven characters, Negi draws three Cosplay cards and four Suka cards.

By the time Negi has pactios with his entire class, he uses the class register in order to determine which student has the best abilities for certain tasks. In addition, he can use telepathy to transmit a message. In the case of Sayo, she was chosen to 'possess' a column in order to retrieve an object which was embedded inside it.

While the Neo-Pactio drawn is always luck of the draw, it only lasts as long as the Ministra has energy (usually seen as food in their stomach) to power their ability. As a result, the duration of each card, (Armor, Cosplay and Suka), varies from person to person. Predicatably, the Magistra is usually very hungry afterwards. Likewise, a meal is shown to be sufficient enough to restore that energy. Furthermore, in some cases, extreme emotional duress can cause the Ministra to use up her energy quickly. In the case of Nodoka, she immediately reverted back to her normal form when she became nervous at not being able to find the answer, despite using her Armor Card.

Card Levels

Cosplay forms of Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna

Armor forms of Asuna, Konoka and Nodoka

While the Suka, Cosplay and Armor cards each have different abilities for each girl, they assigned a different "power level" as depicted on each card. Power levels for all three cards can be found around the bottom right hand side of each card. It is raised in the case of armor cards. The power levels for each form vary so that one girl may be more powerful or useful in one form over another.

For example, a potential card for Makie's Cosplay form levels as a "50" in power, compared to a "30" for Asuna. On the other hand, Asuna's Armor form has a level of "90" compared to Makie, who has a "70". While these power levels show some sense in hierarchy in this anime and the manga, there are some anomalies that could show possible potential: the "Suka" form for Chizuru ranks at a maximum of "5", comparable to major fighters in the series such as Mana and Ku Fei. While this may or may not mean anything in regards to the buxom, good-natured female, it could be a hint for other things.

Statistics revealed in the final episode further emphasize that the statistics of a Neo-Pactio transformation changes from card to card, with some Cosplay cards being even more powerful than Armor cards. Chisame's Cosplay form in particular is seen as completely maxed in statistics, yet she may have lower statistics and potential in other forms due to her Suka card possessing a "4" in rank. Similarly, the abilities and personal abilities already possessed by the student may come into play in the power and use of a Neo-Pactio ability. In one case, Mana's Cosplay form instantly crushed the Armor forms of all three cheerleaders at the same time, which may stem less from the power of the form and more on Mana's own experiences and skills. Since her Cosplay weaponry are two handguns, weapons which Mana has experience in using, she is easily able to use them to stop the projectiles of Misa, Madoka and Sakurako, whose Armor weaponry are much weaker projectiles.

Other Neo-Pactio information

  • Besides making Negi and the student into partners, the power of the Pactio protects them from the influence of the Star Crystal. Thus, they are immune to mind-control. However, they are still vulnerable to altered-realities.
  • Similarly, the power of the cards allow all of the girls to loan Negi their power; this is best demonstrated in the final battle against the main posesee of the Star Crystal. (As an added note, all of the girls in this world were represented by their Armor Card except for Zazie, who was represented by her Suka card.)[2]

The Suka forms of 3-A

  • In episodes beyond the fourteenth, very few students had Pactio abilities activated, with four girls outside the original quartet gaining an individual activation (Sayo, Ayaka, Ku, and Chao). However, there were two cases of mass Pactio activation occurring:
    • An incident in episode 19 turns the 29 (minus Eva and Chachamaru, as they come after) Contracted females into their childish Suka forms, which they remain for the remainder of the episode.
    • In the final episode, Negi gives the class a day in one of their Pactio forms to help him find his father Nagi, who is roaming aimlessly around Mahora. Three girls (Asuna, Konoka, Nodoka) are turned into Suka forms, five (Misa, Madoka, Sakurako, Chizuru, Natsumi) into Armor forms, and the rest into their Cosplay forms.
  • By the end of the series, only six girls have had all three of their Neo-Pactio forms activated: Asuna, Konoka, Nodoka, Setsuna, Ayaka and Chao. On the other hand, Chachamaru and Evangeline only have their Cosplay cards activated since they gain Pactio late in the series (their Suka forms, as well as Chachamaru's Armor form, were seen, but not in continuity).
  • Although they did not receive Pactio in this series or in further manga actions, the Negima!? anime has suggested Suka forms for three of the remaining main characters:[3]

3-A Pactio

Sayo Aisaka

Sayo Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Umbra Invisibilis (literally, "Invisible Shadow"): According to Akamatsu's notes, Sayo's artifact is called Poltergeist, which gives her psychokinetic power over inanimate objects, allowing her to move them as a poltergeist would.
  • Negima!: Sayo is wearing a yellow kimono. Her weapon is a slow-moving blue hitodama (fireball[4]).
  • Negima!?: (An interesting point about the Provisional Contract in Episode 14, was that Sayo became visible to her classmates without the use of cameras and such. Most likely it was due to the added power of the pactio).
    • Suka: Clione
    • Cosplay: Very similar to her old pactio form in the first series but this time she is dressed in a "deep purple" kimono. Sayo becomes a "solid" being and has the ability to "possess" solid objects. Then, the possessed object becomes "fluid", which allows another person to "reach through" the possessed object (although Sayo is very ticklish when this happens). Her artifacts are eleven magic plates that she can throw as projectiles. This get-up references the ghost story of Okiku and her ten heirloom plates. The duration in which her powers last is in question since she is a ghost and does not need to eat (unless she wants to).[5]
    • Armor: Geisho-Ui: A barefoot angel with a halo and wings. She also wears her winter school uniform, torn at the sleeves. Two haloed winged hearts appear to accompany her.

Yuna Akashi

  • Manga: Strenuus Arcarius (literally, "Vigorous Shooter"): Her artifact is called Iris Tormentum, which manifests as a pair of dual pistols. As of chapter 302 this artifact has been shown to shoot bullets with various effects, although only two effects have been shown as of now (A spirit canceling bullet that cancelled the transformation of the the enemy fire spirit mage, and magic-sealing bullets that she can fire in quick succession, which disables her target's magic for three minutes with each bullet). As shown in chapter 310, the guns do eventually run out of bullets.
  • Negima!: She wears her basketball team uniform. Her pactio items are basketballs and a pair of shoes allowing her to jump very high.[4]
  • Negima!?:
    • Suka: Sea Otter.
    • Cosplay: She becomes a basketball player wearing a belt surrounded by "balls" and staff with a broom at the bottom and a red-white-and-blue ball on top.[6]
    • Armor: Super Ball: Also dressed as a basketball player, but with rocket boosters around her shoulders and a mechanical ball in her hands.

Kazumi Asakura

Official Pactio of Kazumi Asakura
  • Manga: Reportatrix Denudans (literally, "Uncovering Reporter"): Kazumi's artifact is called Oculus Corvinus. It creates up to six small golem cameras that she is able to manipulate and send to any part of the world, allowing her to search for information or others, including missing allies. They have no combat ability and is primarily used for intelligence gathering, although they can be used to provide information during battle (such as the ideal point to strike through a wall).[7]
    Fitting with her relationship with the class ghost Sayo Aisaka, one of the Golem cameras has a seat for her Sayo-Chan Doll and is called Sayo-Chan Camera, which the ghost can ride and control when possessing the puppet. Sayo can also connect the golem cameras by acting as astral connection cable.
  • Negima!: Her artifact is a scope camera that allows her to record, capture, and focus in on anything, as well as display information about whatever it is focusing on (such as the ideal moment to fire a gun through Negi's wind barrier).[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Cockatiel
    • Cosplay: Dressed like a field reporter with a long-scope camera and a pair of jeans with one pant leg completely torn. The camera is her main artifact, but its effect was not shown.[6]
    • Armor: Matahari Tools: Dressed as a TV reporter in a short black dress with a long white overcoat and a suitcase on her hands. She is holding a handheld phone on her other hand. Although this card was seen at the top of a Pactio deck after the mass Pactio, it was never used in the series and its effects are unknown.[8] The name of the Pactio card references the famous dancer-turned spy Mata Hari, in light of Kazumi's own skills in gathering information.

Yue Ayase

Official Pactio of Yue Ayase
  • Manga: Philosophastra Illustrans (literally, "Illustrating Philosopher"): Her artifact is called Orbis Sensualium Pictus, it is a set consisting of a cloak, book, witch's hat, and a broom. Their abilities are gradually being revealed, with the book appearing to be a beginner's manual for casting spells. Chamo mentions that she has the same Beginner Mage Set that Negi also had. This implies that her equipment is essentially the same as those given to mages in training. At first, her artifact does not offer any immediate firepower, but its potential is starting to prove useful. In fact, what was first thought of as only a beginner's manual actually has a wide array of general information on various magical topics, like an encyclopedia. It is able to display this information in the form of illusionary pages, like holograms. Even more amazing, is that the book is also linked with and updates continuously. It will answer any question Yue asks that pertain to magic. Simply put, Yue now has the equivalent of a magical library branch in one book. She was able to discern Asuna's magic cancellation ability to be among the most powerful, simply by looking it up. Furthermore, she was able to learn the spell needed to amplify Asuna's power. Yue also keeps a practice wand and is already able to cast a few simple spells with it. After mastering riding brooms at the magic school she can use the broom to fly.
  • Negima!: Very similar to the manga series, she uses a broom to cast thunder spells on the enemies.[4] (comparatively, the broom in the manga only casts spells Yue has learned)
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Owl
    • Cosplay: Maid with a broom and a holster which is her artifact with several of her "strange drinks" by her side, each of which has a special magic ability. She experimented with these concoctions on Nodoka in her Suka form. [6]
    • Armor: Enigma Cyclopedia: Slightly similar to her manga Pactio, she wears a witch's costume with a wand and a living hat with a face (similar to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter series).

Ako Izumi

Ako Pactio.jpg
  • Manga: Cultrix Cum Traumate (literally, "Female Carer of Trauma"): Made with Negi in Chapter 289. Her artifact is a big syringe with a needle 1.8 cm wide is named Mysterious Syringe. By injecting the needle into a targeted person (so far, all the injections were done in the rear end) that person is able to receive a magical boost to his/her abilities (such as allowing Yuna and Makie to keep up with Koyomi in her transformed form). Also it can detriment persons abilities as Negi was made to lose his sense of direction when she gave him a shot.
  • Negima!: Infirmaria Cum Traumate: Her pactio weapon is a huge syringe complete with a catgirl nurse outfit. In the manga, this was a costume that the cheerleaders suggested her to wear in their fantasy cafe during the Mahora Festival arc .[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Chicken Chick
    • Cosplay: An overcautious nursing assistant wearing a jacket and a scarf over a soccer uniform and with a first-aid kit with a spout as her main artifact. Inside the kit is a giant band-aid that heals any wound instantly. She has a star painted on her right cheek and a clover on her right thigh. The pattern on her shorts also resembles the design of the standard Teamgeist ball.[6]
    • Armor: Knowledge Syringe: Similar to the manga Pactio card, she is dressed in a blue nursing outfit with wings while riding on a giant syringe which appears to be her main weapon. This time she no longer has her cat-like appearance.

Akira Okochi

Akira Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Siren Valida (literally, "Strong Mermaid"): Her artifact manifests as a pair of heavy gauntlets and mermaid tail called Powers of the Mermaid. She gains a bustier suit with an armor belt with flanking thigh armor. She wears a leather leggings that join her feet together to form a mermaid tail. Her Pactio allows her to warp locations instantaneously by diving into any body of water and then reappearing in another body of water without using any magical energy. She first used a tiny puddle to quickly warp to the Mahora swimming pool, then multiple other locations including a bathtub, the Mahora River, and the Mahora Girl's Dormitory bath. Kaede notes that she can, at most, travel around 300 meter radius. The gauntlets equipped to her arms amplify her strength to enormous levels, as she was able to rip a huge block of magical ice in half with small effort.
  • Negima!: She is dressed in her blue swimsuit. In her pactio form she gains the ability to control water much like water-bending. Her pactio attack is "water thrust".[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Frog (similar in design to Motsu)
    • Cosplay: She is dressed in a swimsuit and sarong with a clam hairclip and water-drop shoes. A piece of coral is stuck in her mouth which she blows on allowing bubbles to come out like a pipe. The power of this artifact was not shown in the anime.[6]
    • Armor: Regalecus Russelii: A mermaid-like synchronized swimmer wearing a pink and maroon swimsuit and carp-like fins attached to her ankles.

Misa Kakizaki

Misa Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Hilaratrix Accensa(literally, "Rallying Cheerleader"): It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Misa has made a pactio with Negi at some point before. According to Akamatu's notes, it is the Mahora Cheerleading costume, which enables her to perform a cheer called Parameter Up that energizes others. When used alongside Sakurako and Madoka, it drastically increase's Negi's abilities, along with his other ministra.
  • Negima!: Dressed in her cheerleader outfits and is able to empower the others with cheers. In Satsuki's case, she was able to make her go faster to feed a huge crowd of demons.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Goat
    • Cosplay: Dressed as a cheerleader wearing a maroon dress and a top hat. She also wears a choker with a key and holds a pair of pom-poms on her hands. She uses her pom-poms as her main artifacts for cheering with melodies.
    • Armor: Lily-Yarn Needle: A school uniform with a weapon similar to one of the heroines of Sukeban Deka. She throws the needle as a projectile.[6] Of particular note: the school uniform she wears is similar to one used by her, Madoka & Chizuru in the 3-A Haunted House during the Mahora festival.

Asuna Kagurazaka

Official Pactio of Asuna Kagurazaka
  • Manga: Bellatrix Sauciata (literally, "Wounded Warrior"): Her artifact is called Ensis Exorcizans. It initially manifested itself as a giant fan, called a harisen, that can exorcize demons with a single swipe. It is a rather powerful artifact. On the pactio card, it is depicted as a giant sword. Why it manifested as a harisen (giant fan) is not certain, though fans have speculated that it is the incomplete form of the sword version. Asuna's sword seems to manifest in times of great emotion, at one point it becomes a sword when she believes Negi is in a near-death situation, at another point a blinding anger does the trick. There is no indication of why this happens but extreme emotions has, to this point, been the deciding factor when Asuna summons the harisen or sword. An important point to note is that the harisen has little to no effect against opponents that possess no magic, such as robots and non-magical beings, (though if it has any substantial effect against Chachamaru is subject to debate, since she is a robot that is magically-empowered). The same cannot be said for the sword version, since it has been shown to cleave through rock. It also possesses cancellation powers similar to Asuna. As it is able to negate Rakan's chi based attacks and Kotaro mentions that it is "a wizard's arch-nemesis." Most recently, Asuna was able to counter multiple magical attacks with the sword version, just with a single swipe. Furthermore, she is starting to gain control over the more powerful version of her artifact, making it appear at will.
  • Negima!: Same as manga, although her artifact's sword form is not seen
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Wild Boar piglet
    • Cosplay: Her Manga Pactio. She is dressed in a robe[9] while wielding the harisen.
    • Armor: Purifications Sword: Wearing a suit of armor, Asuna now wields the same sword as her true Pactio in the manga (similar in appearance to an outfit she wore in a manga spread).[10]

Misora Kasuga

Misora's official Card
  • Manga: Joculatrix Monachans(literally, "Amused Nun"): A pair of white sneakers with red soles and a golden wing on the side that gives her superhuman speed and agility. Their combat potential is limited as Misora states that she can only run away with them. However, the shoes are able to allow Misora impossible feats such as running along walls and on top of water. Her Pactio is with Cocone, not Negi, yet her card shows the Roman Numeral 9, her seat number, which is what Negi's Pactios show.
  • Negima!: She is dressed like a nun. Her weapon is an Iron Cross allowing her to commune with God and use His powers, such as bringing lightning down on enemies.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Pig
    • Cosplay: She looks very similar to her old pactio form in the first anime, the artifact that she carries is a mysterious giant ancient watch with the letters written in roman numerals. It is tied around from her waist to her back. She also holds a rosary which she uses to pray for Motsu when he decided to rocket himself out of earth in the last episode. Other than that the abilities were never shown. [6]
    • Armor: Swift Divine Shoes: Dressed as a marathoner with a sash and a relay baton. She wears a pair of Joculatrix Monachans sneakers that allow her to move fast.

Chachamaru Karakuri

  • Manga: Pupa Somnians(literally, "Dreaming Doll"): In chapter 263 she finally made pactio with Negi. Her artefact, which
    Movie Version
    is revealed in chapter 281, is a set that consists of the Type-2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System: Al-Iskandariya ("Flying Cat") a combination of a laser designator and satellite weapon combo, with both weapons shaped to resemble cats (reflecting Chachamaru's tendency to care for stray cats), as well as some cat-themed body armor, a cat-ear head-dress and a winged jet pack. Due to the area covered by the satellite's beam, it can only be used from a safe distance.
  • Negima!: She wears a black cloak with numerous laser cannons hidden underneath them.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Giraffe
    • Cosplay: Wears a full suited engineering outfit surrounded by gears. She carries a doll version of Evangeline as her main artifact.[6]
    • Armor: Lethal Weapon: She wears a maid-like outfit with a sword latched on a gauntlet on her right wrist. This also happens to be the outfit that she was seen wearing when she and her master fought against Negi and Asuna earlier in the series.

Madoka Kugimiya

Madoka Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Hilaratrix Durans (literally, "Fortifying Cheerleader"): It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Madoka has made a pactio with Negi at some point before. According to Akamatu's notes, it is the Mahora Cheerleading costume, which enables her to perform a cheer called Parameter Up that increases defense. When used alongside Misa and Sakurako, it drastically increase's Negi's abilities, along with his other ministra.
  • Negima!: Dressed in her cheerleader outfits and is able to empower the others with cheers. In Satsuki's case, Madoka was able to make Satsuki go faster to feed a huge crowd of demons.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Black panther
    • Cosplay: She is dressed like a gang member (while wearing a bikini under her jacket) complete with a giant ball and chain on her leg and an immense wooden mallet as her artifacts. The outfit is a slightly adapted version of a "boy outfit" she wore in the manga (when she and the other cheerleaders were pursuing Negi and Konoka).
    • Armor: Yo-yo Ma: She is dressed in her school uniform with a yo-yo as her weapon, as used by the main heroines of Sukeban Deka. However, she also wears a metal gauntlet glove and a metallic headband under her hair. She uses the yo-yo as her weapon.[6]

Ku Fei

  • Manga: Pugilatum Exercens (literally, "Martial Practitioner"): Ku Fei's artifact is known as Shinchintetsu Jizaikon, it is a heavy martial arts quarterstaff that she is capable of extending and enlarging to attack far away targets. Kurt Godel refers to it as a replica of the legendary Ruyi Jingu Bang, the weapon of the Monkey King.
  • Negima!: Magical tonfa that emit waves of energy when used.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Tiger (During her first attempt to activate her Pactio, she accidentally kicks Negi's hand, just as he was about to pull out a card, causing him to choose wrong.)[11]
    • Cosplay: Becomes a drunken fist master wearing a yellow robe who carries a sake-filled gourd.[6]
    • Armor: God's Dwell Cloth: Dressed in a Chinese martial arts master outfit similar to Gen, she uses powerful Kung-Fu moves in battle. Her weapon is a blue sash.

Konoka Konoe

Official Pactio of Konoka Konoe
  • Manga: Regina Medicans (literally, "Queen of Medicine"): The entire outfit she wears on her card, including the fans (known as Flabellum Euri and Flabellum Australe), is her artifact, in which has been revealed to heal any injuries as long they had occurred within 3 minutes. However, Konoka has mentioned that she can't heal them if their heads get crushed "like a tomato". In recent chapters, Konoka's Pactio outfit has changed to the nurse's outfit that she wore during Day 3 of the Mahora Festival, although the fans are still part of the attire.
  • Negima!: Presumably the same as the manga, though her power was never shown.
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Koala
    • Cosplay: Dressed in a fancy kimono similar to an outfit from the Kyoto arc. Her attack is to spout water by using the fans she holds in her hands as her main artifacts.[12] In the card itself, she stands on a bridge-like platform with two objects similar to lamp posts behind her.
    • Armor: Kochi No Hiougi (sic), Hae No Suehiro: Her weapons are a set of expanding fortune-telling chopsticks, which she is able to use like a whip[13]

Haruna Saotome

Official Pactio of Haruna Saotome
  • Manga: Fictrix Comica (literally, "Humorous Designer"): Her artifact, Imperium Graphices, is also a set. Hers consists of a sketchbook, inkwell, and quill, as well as a hat and apron. As in the anime, whatever she draws becomes real. She has been experimenting with her artifact, making small doodles of aliens, cats and Tama-chan from Love Hina. According to Chamo, the artifact is used for easy summoning of low-level Golems. The number of images she can bring to life and the size she can make them is yet unknown. Currently, she was able to make lifelike copies of herself and several of the other girls in order to fool the magic teachers who were after them. It was shown that the images begin to degrade after a short while. She was also able to conjure up a giant armored warrior and dozens of Chamo duplicates. Apparently, she can make any of her images come to life at any time, and does not have to draw them on the spot. Another recurrent drawing is a giant martial arts warrior. She also shown to have drawn a female knight that she called Goddess of The Swords which is shown in chapter 142 to slice the feet of Orthrus Illusion to free Chisame and Nodoka. A side effect to her artifact is that whenever any of her art golems takes damage, 1% of the damage is transferred back to her.
  • Negima!: A magic marker that allows her to bring any image she draws to life.[4] (comparatively, this Pactio works by drawing in mid-air, while her actual Pactio can only be used with her magic sketchbook).
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Penguin
    • Cosplay: She uses a magic sketchbook. Objects drawn on the sketchbook become animated and move out of the paper.[14]
    • Armor: Popup Doodle: Dressed in a special outfit (long pink shirt, blue boots, skirt and beret) and equipped with a magic pen, she appears to use similar abilities to her manga version.

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Official Pactio of Setsuna Sakurazaki
Setsuna's Pactio with Konoka
  • Manga: Gladiaria Alata (literally, "Winged Swordswoman"): Setsuna has currently formed two Pactios; one with Negi in Chapter 47 and one with Konoka.
    • Setsuna's Pactio artifact with Negi is Sica Shishikushiro, a complementary shōtō, or, wakizashi. In addition to being an extra blade, it is able to multiply into 16 copies and attack the target like a swarm of wasps, surrounding them in a barrier of sorts in which they are trapped in and thenceforth electrocuted.[15]
    • Takemikazuchi is Setsuna's Pactio artifact with Konoka (proving more than one pactio can result). The Pactio included a brand new card design as well. It's a sword that is made up of three pieces: a double edged-blade and a separate hilt which are connected in suspension by a glowing orb located at the middle of the sword. By receiving energy from Konoka, Setsuna can make the sword grow even larger and much more powerful.
  • Negima!: Similar to her manga version
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Crane
    • Cosplay: Dressed in her blue and turquoise samurai outfit from the Cinema Village section of the Kyoto arc (manga version) and wielding a naginata as her artifact.[12] The design of this outfit is similar those traditionally worn by the Shinsengumi.
    • Armor: Sica Sisikusiro: Dressed in the traditional outfit of the bird demons, she wields her nodachi as well as her wings. All of Setsuna's Shinmei-Ryū attacks are increased in power with the release of flowers and petals with each attack.[13]

Makie Sasaki

Makie pactio.jpg
  • Manga: Armatura Quinquiplex (literally, "Five-Folds Equipped Girl"): Made with Negi in Chapter 289. Makie's Artifact is a set of five items, of which three have been explicitly shown in the manga as of chapter 302.

    Makie snatching Koyomi's hourglass

    • Liberum Lemniscus is the name of ribbon. It has the ability to stretch to extraordinary lengths. Makie used this item in chapter 302 to snatch Koyomi's artifact away, cancelling Negi's paralysis.
    • Bombus Globus is the name of the ball, which functions as a n explosive. Its abilities were shown in Chapter 349 when Makie flung it, along with the Frango Stipes, at Yue and Nodoka. It created a huge explosion that Yue blocked with magic.
    • Frango Stipes is the name of the set of juggling clubs. It seems to have the ability to multiply and float in the air. It can also increase in size.
    • Cleaving Ring
    • Capturing Rope
  • Negima!: Armatura Quinquiplex: A magic ribbon that she can wield like a whip[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Monkey (She has a heart for a belly in this form, similar to Playful Heart Monkey of the Care Bears)
    • Cosplay: Dressed in a cute magical girl dress, she wields a star wand and a heart-decorated hula hoop (her magical powers were not revealed).[6]
    • Armor: No Longer Human: She is dressed in a leotard and equipped with a ribbon which is slightly similar to her old pactio form in the older anime series. She has the ability to bend and stretch her body freely into any shape.

Sakurako Shiina

Sakurako Pactio.jpg
  • Manga: Hilaratrix Fortunans (literally, "Fortunate Cheerleader"): It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Sakurako has made a pactio with Negi at some point before. According to Akamatu's notes, it is the Mahora Cheerleading costume, which enables her to perform a cheer called Parameter Up that increases luck. When used alongside Misa and Madoka, it drastically increase's Negi's abilities, along with his other ministra.
  • Negima!: Hilaratrix Fortunans: Dressed in her cheerleader outfits and is able to empower the others with cheers. In Satsuki's case, she was able to make her go faster to feed a huge crowd of demons.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Dog
    • Cosplay: Dressed in a Japanese themed samba dancer outfit . She wears a green-pink tropical clothes with a corolla-like skirt with a small cherry plant for a head dress and blue-tinted shades. Her artifact is a maraca. Her costume is probably inspired by Carmen Miranda.
    • Armor: Brilliant Invocation: She is dressed in a school uniform with attack marbles, like a heroine of Sukeban Deka. She throws the marbles as projectiles. The meaning of her attack name is unknown.[6] (It should be noted that although she is the only cheerleader not to dress in this style of uniform in manga continuity, she most likely received this outfit to match her companions and their similarly themed Armor Pactio.)

Mana Tatsumiya

Dead Pactio card of Mana Tatsumiya
  • Manga: Vulnerans Semidiaboli (literally, "Half-Demon Sniper"): She originally had an artifact (a pair of pistols) from her previous contract with a mage, but since her partner is now deceased, she is no longer able to call forth her artifacts, nor is given any additional magic support. According to Akamatsu's notes, Mana's artifact is an enormous rail gun called Electromagnetic Projectile Gun.
  • Negima!: A rifle that fires magic bullets[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Asiatic Black Bear
      Mana Pac.jpg
    • Cosplay: Similar to her former manga Pactio card, the artifacts that she attacks with are two Desert Eagle handguns. She wears a sports jacket and long pants. This outfit was slightly similar to the one she wore in the manga when hunting down Sayo.[6]
    • Armor: Infallible xxx: Dressed in a frilly white sleeveless dress and wielding a long rifle on one hand and a pistol on the other.

Chao Lingshen

Chao lingshen pactio card.jpg

  • Manga: Polymathes Universalis (literally, "Universal Polymath"): According to Akamatsu's notes, Chao's artifact is the Time Manipulating Pocket Watch: Cassiopeia.
  • Negima!: A pair of metal tessens.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Panda
    • Cosplay: Dressed in a Chinese waitress garb. She carries several platters of nikuman in various flavors (as well as a nikuman in her mouth).[6]
    • Armor: Koushu Tessen: She is dressed in a battle outfit similar to Chun Li, she uses powerful martial arts attacks. Her weapons are two metal tessens similar to the one she had on the first series.[16]

Kaede Nagase

Kaede's Official Manga Card
  • Manga: Speculatrix Clandestina (literally, "Hidden Observer"): Fitting well with her ninja skills, Kaede's artifact, Tengu no Kakuremino, is a cloak that can be used for camouflage/invisibility purposes. While underneath the cloak, Kaede is in another plane of reality which includes a house, complete with a kitchen. Aside from stealth and travel, Kaede's artifact has other clever uses, such as absorbing enemy attacks or catching someone who is falling in midair. Her artifact appears to be based on a folk tale of the same name.
  • Negima!: A HUGE shuriken. Its power was not shown.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Kappa
    • Cosplay: She is dressed in the mountainous outfit of the tengu, complete with a special tengu mask and leaf for blowing wind. In this form, she can transform into anything she can think of (for example, she imagines herself as a frog to save the Narutaki twins when they get in danger).[17]
    • Armor: Cross Combination Kunai: Ninja outfit with a huge scroll on her back and another smaller scroll on her mouth. She also has two broad swords strapped to her back while crossing each other, this likely being the origin of the card's name.

Chizuru Naba

Chizuru Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Servatrix Stellarum (literally, "Servant of the Stars"): It is revealed in Chapter 340 that Chizuru has made a pactio with Negi. Her artifact is a large spring onion called In the Buttocks: Negi Sword (Akamatsu's notes) or Negi Sceptre. Its power is to recover one from all ailments but in return the recipient has to do whatever she commands. Comedically, the way to use it is to pierce it to a person's anus, much to everyone's horror. As the artifact is mostly made of magic, it is only semi-material and actually passes through the victim's clothes when used on them. This particular artifact is actually referenced earlier in the series when Kotaro displays an intense fear of Chizuru and her somewhat bizarre home remedies when she adopts him.
  • Negima!: Her artifact in the anime is a group of magic spheres from a swirling constellation around her that explode[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Cow
    • Cosplay: Dressed like a sexy version of a Chinese goddess, possibly Chang'e. She wears a white, short-skirted robe which shows her cleavage, has her hair tied behind her head, and drapes a long white scarf typical of several female figures in Chinese mythology.
    • Armor: Karakuri Bon: A waitress with a platter and a leek. When Natsumi asks what the platter is for, Chizuru has no idea.[6]

Fumika Narutaki

the unofficial pactio of the Narutaki twins
  • Manga: Geminae Simulatrices (literally, "Simulating Twins"): Mistake Pactio with Fuka (they both kissed a copy of Negi at the same time). It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Fumika has made a pactio with Negi, her artifact is a ninja scroll.
  • Negima!: Dressed in a ninja outfit and are able to do the shadow doppelganger technique alongside Fuka. The number of copies they can make is unknown.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Bumblebee
    • Cosplay: A Western detective (akin to Sherlock Holmes) with a magnifying glass and a bubble pipe. Her main artifact is the magnifying glass that allows her to look into an object's future.[17]
    • Armor: Bansen Shukai: A ninja with a scroll in her mouth. Also to differentiate from her sister, some red and blue features in her outfit are the opposite of those of Fuka's. This a split version of the twins' unofficial manga Pactio.

Fuka Narutaki

  • Manga: Geminae Simulatrices (literally, "Simulating Twins"): Mistake Pactio with Fumika (they both kissed a copy of Negi at the same time). Mistake Pactio with Fuka (they both kissed a copy of Negi at the same time). It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Fuka has made a pactio with Negi, her artifact is a ninja sword.
  • Negima!: Dressed in a ninja outfit and are able to do the shadow doppelganger technique alongside Fumika. The number of copies they can make is unknown.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Bumblebee
    • Cosplay: A detective dressed in old-style Japanese clothing with kimono, puffy pants, wooden sandals and wide-brim hat. She carries a bamboo umbrella (only used to pose with her sister when seen) and a large suitcase as her own artifacts.[17]
    • Armor: Mini-Kunai Shuriken: A ninja with a kunai. This a split version of the twins' unofficial manga Pactio.

Satomi Hakase

Official Pactio of Satomi Hakase
  • Manga: Macinatrix Insana (literally, "Mad Engineer"): It is revealed in Chapter 353 that Satomi has made a pactio with Negi, her artifact being a pair of powerful robotic arms worn on her back.  During the battle between Negi and Chao, Satomi made a provisional contract with Chao in order to help her to reveal magic to the world. However, by the time Chao was defeated by Negi, she was able to complete the incantation for the Forced Recognition Magic, though the spell was changed with Chao's loss into an enchantment to remove hatred from the world for a day. Whether or not the contract is still active is in question, but it is most likely invalid since Chao returned to the future. Logically, Satomi's partner hasn't even been born yet. 
  • Negima!: Mechanical arms that deliver a punch called a 'Plasma Punch.'[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Axolotl
    • Cosplay: Mad scientist outfit, her artifacts are a satchel and a Florence flask with a strange liquid. The satchel allows her to carry her experiments inside, no matter how large they are compared to the small size of the bag.[6]
    • Armor: Arm-Str (sic): Similar to her original Pactio card, but with the mechanical arms on a backpack instead of out in front; its controls are at a console worn at front

Chisame Hasegawa

Official Pactio of Chisame Hasegawa
  • Manga: Idolum Virtuale (literally, "Virtual Idol"): Her artifact is called Sceptrum Virtuale and it appears as a heart-topped staff, resembling the weapons commonly seen in magical girl anime. The first display of the artifacts abilities was when in conjunction with her laptop PC, it allows her and anyone within her vicinity to enter cyberspace, upon which she can internally hack into systems using her computer knowledge to put a stop to any opponent. However, their physical bodies remain in the real word in a kind of trance-like state. Most likely, it is their astral forms which enters cyberspace. Additionally, Chisame is supported by seven virtual 'electronic spirits,' which are seen as talking, long-tailed mice. They wanted Chisame to give them names, but she didn't want to be bothered with such a task and left their names up to Makie. Their names are as follows: Kincha, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Negi, Daiko, and Shirataki. They aid Chisame in her battle with Chachamaru in cyberspace by downloading data, and watching out for any kind of viral attacks. Apparently, they can also aid her in the Real World, as long as an active electrical device is nearby. The mice can also manipulate data from other computers, which allow Chisame's webpage to become the number one Net Idol page on the Internet. At one point in the story through the use of the artifact Chisame was able to destroy an illusionary prison. By the time they returned to the real world her abilities exceeded to a point where she hacked another pactio's ability whilst in it's card form.
  • Negima!: Idol Virtuale: She becomes her Net Idol alter ego with magical powers. Her glasses became a power staff[4] (Comparatively, Chisame's staff appears to be the main artifact for transformation in the manga, while her glasses remain as she deems fit.)
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Fox (because of the transformation abilities of foxes in Japanese culture, Chisame can become Chiu in this form)[3]
    • Cosplay: Transforms into her Net Idol alter-ego, Chiu similar to part of her manga Pactio ability. She wears a VR helmet on her head and flies around on her artifact, a CD. Her special ability allows her access the virtual web world.[6]
    • Armor: wAmiga (sic): A cross between a school girl and a magical girl, she wears a sailor fuku with boots, jacket, headphones and "fox ears". Her weapon is her laptop.

Evangeline Athanasia Katherine "Kitty" McDowell

Inofficial Pactio of Evangeline
  • Manga: Magistra Puparum (literally, "Doll Master"): None, as of now.
  • Negima!: Magistra Puparum: She is shown in her real vampire form and her full powers are unsealed[4].
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Rabbit
    • Cosplay: Dressed in a frilly and pretty little girl-like dress. She holds a Chachamaru (not Chachazero because of the doll's long hair) doll as her main artifact.[6]
    • Armor: Doll Master: She transforms into her adult/teenage vampiric form with her real powers restored. She sits on a floating throne with vampiric signs around it. The throne makes her magical powers even more powerful than before.

Nodoka Miyazaki

Official Pactio of Nodoka Miyazaki
  • Manga: Pudica Bibliothecaria (literally, "Modest Librarian"): Nodoka's artifact is called Diarium Ejus. It's a picture diary that can read the inner thoughts of people, and prints those thoughts into words and images. This is very useful in a variety of situations, including combat and information gathering, (especially for interrogations, though Nodoka is reluctant to forcibly read the inner thoughts of others - she always apologizes afterwards). This artifact is considered to be very powerful and its potential for misuse is considerable.

    Nodoka splits her Diarum Ejus to evade her pursuers.

    However, the reason why Nodoka received the book may be due to the fact that her innocent personality prevents her from abusing it. There are two drawbacks to take note. First, is that in order to read the thoughts of a person, she needs to know his/her name and second, the person's mind that the she wishes to read has to be within a 5-point radius of her. Its range might be further now, since Nodoka was able to read Yue's mind when she went chasing after her in the lower levels at Library Island. If she does not use the diary or not call a name, it will read her mind automatically by default, much to her embarrassment. Though now the weakness of needing the person's name has since been solved with her acquiring a ring that can show her the name of anyone she wants. She has also attached a special magic item to the diary itself, which would tell her what is being written in the book in real time through an earpiece, so she no longer needs to actually read the book in order to read other people's thoughts. Later in the manga, she also able to split her artifact into smaller versions so that she can read more than one person's mind. It is possible that the Artes Liberalis books and the Kinder- und Hausmärchen book that also appears on her Pactio card, may have unique powers of their own
  • Negima!: Similar to her manga version
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Seal
    • Cosplay: Similar abilities to her manga version, but with a pair of glasses[18] added as an extra artifact.
    • Armor: Thought Reading' Diary (sic): She has four encyclopedias hovering around her, with the books' abilities being a combination of the Diarium Ejus (the ability to read other people's minds and predict their movements in battle) and the Orbis Sensualium Pictus (the ability to look up information on, among other things, magic-related topics; Yue's Pactio item in the manga). She wears a robe and a bunny backpack in this form (similar in appearance to an outfit she wore in a manga spread).[13]

Natsumi Murakami

Official Pactio of Natsumi Murakami
  • Manga: Actrix Timida (literally, "Timid Actress"): Her Pactio was formed with Kotarou, not Negi. Her artifact is a mask called Adiutor Solitarius. The artifact is touted as the ultimate disguise, as it allows Natsumi to blend in with the scenery, completely undetectable to others that are not with her. Natsumi can also allow other people to become invisible with her, as long as they are joined by holding hand or so long as they are physically attached to one another. If they let go, the illusion is broken. It was shown to be powerful enough to hide Natsumi and those with her from even Fate. Her artifact is comparable in power to Nodoka's Diarium Ejus, and according to Fate has not been seen in 280 years.
  • Negima!: Dressed as motorcyclist from an action movie (with a blonde wig, red jumpsuit, and bigger breasts), she drives in a magic motorcycle (which makes Negi worried since she may still be underaged). Apparently, this ties in with her being part of the Drama Club.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Hamster
    • Cosplay: Dressed in pirate attire with a cutlass as her main artifact. This paction was never shown in the anime and its abilities remain unknown though it may just tie with her being part of the Drama club as well.
    • Armor: Hyper Haboki: A Japanese household maid with a rug beater and feather duster used for cleaning. She can use the rug beater to create several feather dusters which she can control and order to clean things automatically.[6]

Ayaka Yukihiro

Ayaka Pactio.jpg
  • Manga: Burgensis Florens (literally, "Flourishing Burgess"): It is revealed in Chapter 340 that Ayaka made a Pactio with Negi, resulting in a very long and passionate kiss that nearly knocked Negi out (and also nearly made Negi the Minister). Her artifact allows her and anyone else to meet with anyone of importance without prior arrangement, proper credentials, or connections. As Ayaka put it, they could meet the Pope or Prime Minister of Japan whenever they wanted to with it. Fate commented that it was one of the rarest artifacts he had ever seen and Kotaro added that it would allow Ayaka to kidnap or assassinate any VIP.
  • Negima!: A formal dress with flowers. When she throws the petals at the demons, they have no effect. Then again, since flowers always seem to appear around her when Negi is concerned, (with or without a Pactio), this could just be part of her usual personality and not her real power.[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Leopard
    • Cosplay: Changed into a perfumer, she wears a classy dress with several cartridges of spray attached to a holster. Her ability allows her to immediately locate whomever's scent she finds on an object.[6]
    • Armor: Preconscious Whip: Dressed with a leather corset and skirt and wearing a tiara, she wields a whip.[19]

Satsuki Yotsuba

Satsuki Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Coqua Fabulosa (literally, "Fabulous Cook"): According to Akamatsu's notes, Satsuki's artifact is a large wok called Magical Iron Pot. The delicious rice cooked in the pot increases the physical fitness of anyone who eats it. It is also quite formidable when used as a weapon.
  • Negima!: The entire Chao Bao Zi stall she works at in the manga is her artifact, which enables her to feed dozens of demons at a time until they disappear[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Squirrel (in the card itself, she holds a cookie)
    • Cosplay: Dressed like a china doll, she sits in a giant ladle with a salt shaker in one hand and the ladle's handle in another. Her hat has a koala head on it (a reference to a bit in the manga in which a koala appears in the background when she tells a group of customers at Chao's restaurant to stop fighting). The giant ladle is also used as an artifact.[6]
    • Armor: Two Sacred Treasures: Dressed completely in an orange chef's outfit reminiscent of those of the Iron Chefs, particularly of Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi. She holds a cleaver on one hand and a stick-handled wok on the other.

Zazie Rainyday

Zazie Pac.jpg
  • Manga: Primaria In Diabolimundo (literally, "First Princess of the Demon World"): According to Akamatsu's notes, Zazie's artifact is called Devil Pierrot. 'Pierrot' being the french word of for clown. Her artifact is the same as Poyo's, allowing her to use Magic Lantern Circus to create a false Cosmo Entelecheia, though Akamatsu says she does this more responsibly than Poyo. She is also able to enter, move about, and manipulate (to a certain extent) the illusions created by her sister's artifact, in spite of the fact that she is physically supposed to be in Mahora at the time. How true this statement is, remains to be seen. She also helps explain to Negi many of the intricacies of her sister's artifact's illusionary world, indicating a certain familiarity with it.
  • Negima!: Zazie wears an acrobat bikini topped with a joker's hat. Her weapons are magical cards that can slice up demons[4]
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Squid
    • Cosplay: Dressed as a fairy-like sky dancer performer with four juggling clubs as her main artifacts. When she uses her acrobatic ability, sparks fly around her.[6]
    • Armor: 4-D Silk Hat: A masked magician dressed in a tuxedo with a cape. Her weapon is a cane and a magical hat.

Non-Class 3-A with Pactio

Mei Sakura

  • Pactio: Puella Genista (literally, "Broom Girl"). Her pactio artifact, the Favor Purgandi (Latin: Liking to Cleaning, Jap: Osōji Daisuki (お掃除大好き), "I love to clean" or "I love to sweep"), is a broom that she uses for combat as well as transportation, just as how Negi's does with his staff. It may be similar to the broom that Yue has. One possible power of the broom is to completely to disarm opponents with a stroke, but it is uncertain whether this is due to the broom, or Mei's own magical prowess.

Albireo Imma

Official Pactio card of Albireo Imma
  • Bibliothecarius Ironicus (literally, "Ironic Librarian"): His item is known as To Fyuron To Biographiconis. It is a bookmark accompanied by a spiraling archive of books. Using the bookmark, he places it inside a book (with the name of the person he chooses to imitate on the cover) and draws it out in order to transform into their clone. The artifact lacks its usefulness for Albireo as he can only keep his transformed appearance for a few minutes, if the being he wishes to emulate is stronger than him. Add to that the fact that most people are weaker than Albireo himself, he does not need to turn himself into them. Another ability of Albireo's artifact is that it can, for a full 10 minutes, make him become the emulated being completely (in thoughts, emotion, memories, personality, etc.), but the price to pay for this ability is quite high. The book that has the records of the fully emulated being would lose all of its power after that time ran out, and that it would turn into nothing more than a simple biography. Furthermore, Albireo will only have the memories of that person up to the point in which the biography was written (each biography is updated as of the last time Albireo saw that person). When he was emulating Nagi Springfield, he did not know that the real Nagi had saved and spoke with Negi six years before the present time.
    • Albireo has in his possession more than one copy of his own pactio card, showing that Albireo has been a Minister Magi and performed contracts with multiple mages, although whether they were simultaneous contracts cannot be confirmed as only one copy is shown to be active. In addition, since all the dead cards appear to have the exact same design, it is entirely possible that they all "summon" the same artifact, and so therefore it is possible that one person only has one pactio artifact no matter who the pactio was formed with (disproven by Setsuna's Pactios with Negi and Konoka, which give her different items).
    • Much like the girls in the class, who have their seat numbers on their pactio cards, Albireo happens to have a Roman numeral MI (for 1,001) in the upper left and lower right corners of his pactio card. He has recently confirmed that this Pactio is with Nagi Springfield, the Thousand Master. Since it is currently active, the contract also proves that Negi's father is still alive.
    • Uncommon to most partners thus far, Albireo possesses two tonus (colors) associated with his card (cyaneum, [indigo] and aurum, [gold]), instead of the usual one. The reasoning for this has yet to be confirmed. It should also be noted that the gold makes his pactio a valuable and rare one.

Jack Rakan

Official Pactio card of Jack Rakan
  • Armiger Milliplex (literally, "Thousand Armored Man"): His artifact is called Ho Heros Meta Chilion Prosopon ('Ο Ηρως μετα Χιλιων Προσωπων). His artifact can transform into any type of weapon(s), though Jack's favorites are a large collection of swords, ranging from long daggers to Skyscraper-sized (the biggest so far being the "Warship Crasher"). The English Translation of his Artifact's name is The Hero with a Thousand Faces (which is, ironically, the title of a famed book on how to write protagonists). His partner is unknown, but because he is shown in flashbacks to have used the artifact against Ala Rubra before he joined them it is known for certain that it isn't Nagi.


  • Fidicula Lunatica (literally, "Lunatic Fiddle"): One of Fate's Ministra Magi, Shirabe's artifact is a fiddle set. The fiddle is able to create sound waves capable of pulverizing stone.


32 - XXXII - Shiori (Luna)(sample).jpg

  • Signum Biolegens (literally, "Life Stealing Sign"): Another of Fate's Ministra Magi, Shiori's artifact is a bookmark, it's allows her to reconstruct her physical body to perfectly replicate the physical as well as mental/spiritual characteristic of her target at the time of theft. To do so, Shiori simiply has to kiss the intended target on the lips. From then, Shiori is able to flawlessly acts as the person who she stole from. While in this state, she totally becomes her target, to the point of truly believing she is (as evidenced by her transformation into Asuna). This is so complete that even the Diarium Ejus (Nodoka's mind-reading artifact) read her mind as Asuna, and her thoughts proclaimed that she was Asuna. According to Shiori, the disguise can wear off if the user’s own emotions are swayed (i.e. if she herself ‘feels’). It is noted that Fate himself created the artifact, and he appears to use an imperfect version to impersonate Senator McGill in chapter 231. As Nagi Springfield was able to see through the disguise very quickly, it is assumed that Shiori's version is much improved.
  • She also made a pactio with Negi, though unwillingly (or maybe not), in order to determine her true idenity after Jack Rakan revealed that 'Asuna' was an imposter.


  • Encompandentia Infinita (literally, "Infinite Embrace"): Another of Fate's Ministra Magi, Tamaki's artifact is a bracelet (based the fact that the girls are named according to their artifacts) capable of creating an barrier dimension which contains an infinite expansion of space that stretches endless in all directions. A "room" with no exits, making escape impossible. The only means of escape is to kill the user, the one who created the space. The dimension's stability is dependent of the user's mental state. Tamaki will have complete control over the field, up to the effects of physics as long as Tamaki is calm.


  • Horaria Porticus (literally, "Corridor of Time"): Another one of Fate's Ministra Magi, Artifact's appearance is that of an hourglass that is capable of creating a field of influence where physical and spiritual phenomena are delayed. The magnitude of the delay can be defined at will by the user, who can also cancel the delay at any time. From the outside, time inside appears to slow down, while from the inside, time outside appears to speed up. Once within the field, agility is irrelevant as it would still appear slow by comparison with the outside; the Artifact’s user is not exempt from this. Directed projectile attacks from outside are subject to the field’s effects upon entry. 

Poyo Rainyday

  • Magic Lantern Circus/Cosmo Entelecheia (literally, "Perfect World"): Magister currently unknown. Said to be Zazie's sister's pactio card in the manga, what little of the artwork that can be seen seems to have the name 'Zazie' on it. The artifact itself has a unique function, The Magic Lantern Circus traps the victim in an ideal fantasy world of their own design. When asked about this, Zazie asks Negi if he's familiar with the phrase "Ignorance is Bliss". While it's unknown how exactly she accomplishes this, Zazie has shown the ability to enter, move about, and manipulate (to a certain extent) the illusion created by her sister's artifact, in spite of the fact that she is physically supposed to be in Mahora at the time. How true this statement is, remains to be seen. When this was used on Negi, he was placed in a peaceful world where his parents were present in his life, Eva had little to no relation to him, Setsuna never regained her close relationship with Konoka and the rest, and Chao was still present, apparantly not having gone through with her plan (at least, not yet). The others experienced their own fantasies as well. Setuna's world was waking up in bed with Konoka serving her breakfast wearing nothing but an apron (or rather, it's assumed to be Setsuna's). A different 'world bubble' shows Konoka and Setsuna playing as children. While it's not exactly clarified which is which, the latter 'world' seems to fit more with Konoka's more innocent nature. Chamo's world was being able to dive into a pile of female unmentionables without Asuna punting him into next year, Yue's was to have her Grandfather alive and well, Kotarou was able to fight Negi as much as he wanted, and Chachamaru was able to walk alongside both Negi and Evangeline. But the illusion was shown to be imperfect because elements of reality (such as Paru's goldfish ship being stuck in the middle of the Mahora main Plaza) bled through into Negi's world. Zazie and Negi implied that if a person became too immersed in the fantasy world, they could never leave. It was revealed that when the pactio was used, there was a safe word (Audacia Paula, which translates to "a little bit of courage") that allowed the person to leave if the he or she chose. People with happy and fulfilling lives are unaffected by it, which turned out to be Makie and Chisame, to the latter's dismay.

Negi Springfield

Negi's Official Card
  • Magistrulus Magi (literally, "Small Teacher/Master Magician"): Negi's artifact, Mille Vincula (One Thousand Bonds), is a card holder that looks similar to a passport. One side contains the Pactio cards of every Pactio he's formed as the Magister, while the other has a slot for holding a single card. By inserting one of the Pactio cards into that slot and calling the word "Adeat" again, the Mille Vincula transforms into the artifact of that ministra. While transformed, it gains all the powers the original has, which Negi demonstrates in chapter 241 by using Asuna's Ensis Exorcizans in sword form in a sword clash with Jack Rakan and his artifact. With the blades against one another, Negi slowly pushed his through Jack's, proving its magic-canceling abilities are very real as Jack's began to melt like butter and was sliced in two with ease. Additionally, by calling the word "abeat" only once the artifact returns to it's original form, where Negi can swap the card in the slot with a different one or call "abeat" again to return it to card form. As with Albireo Imma, Negi is unusual for having two tonus (colors) associated with his card (rubor [red] and aurum [gold]), instead of just one. Also like Albireo, Negi's Pactio is considered "rare and valuable" for having gold as a tonus. Negi received this by making a Temporary Pactio with Theodora, Third Princess of Hellas Empire. However, because the Temporary Pactio was meant only to last until the end of the Ostia Tournament, the contract has now ended and the Mille Vincula cannot be used. It is unknown what has happened to his card since then, but most likely it still exists but now looks similar to the cards of Mana's and Albireo's "dead" Pactios, where the cards are no longer receiving magic from their respective Magisters because they are dead. The Roman numerals on the card stands for the number 496, which is a perfect number for being the sum of the numbers 1 through 31.



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