Nocturna Nigredinis
Nocturna Nigredinis
Kanji 黒衣の夜想曲
Romaji kokui no yasoukyoku
English Black Cloth Nocturne
User(s) Takane D. Goodman

Nocturna Nigredinis (黒衣の夜想曲, Black Cloth Nocturne) is the most powerful close-combat technique in shadow magic: a physical shadow familiar that surrounds the mage and mimics her own actions, allowing powerful melee attacks – at the same time, the familiar acts as an automated, absolute defense system. Once the familiar is summoned, the mage will no longer require any further protection.

However, the familiar will only respond to clearly offensive actions; this weakness is exploited when Negi simply placed his hand on Takane, unleashing a delayed Sagitta Magica at point-blank range.

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