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The teacher (Negi Springfield) and students of Mahora Girls' Jr. High Class 2/3-A

Mahora Girls' Jr. High Class 2/3-A[1] is considered one of the most diverse and rambunctious class in Mahora Academy which is known for energetic students. Though not all of them are aware of the it, the class contains a wide variety of character types, from the usual student athletes, bookworms, and cheerleaders, as well as a kung fu master, a swordswoman, a ninja, an aspiring cook, an internet idol, a budding reporter, a ghost, a gynoid, two half-demons[2], one full demon, two super-geniuses (one of whom is from the future), a vampire and even a twilight princess among others.




The Class Roster

Sayo Aisaka

Student Number 1: Sayo Aisaka (相坂 さよ, Aisaka Sayo) Birthday: she was born in the year 1925, but as a ghost it is notable that she also has a deathday (and birthday as a ghost) in 1940. The 1st student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, is the helpless and meek ghost of a former student, occasionally accompanied by a pair of hitodama. More often frightened than frightening, she is invisible to virtually everyone, and her presence goes mostly unnoticed though Takahata had her included in Negi's class registry, with a note not to change her seat. Eventually, she does get noticed by her teacher Negi Springfield and most of her classmates and becomes a friend and ally in his quest, particularly with seatmate Kazumi. Seven years later, Sayo was released as the residential spirit of Mahora Academy, though she's now Kazumi's guardian spirit.

(Seiyū: Yuri Shiratori, English VA: Kate Bristol, Spanish VA: Maru Guerrero, Live action actress: Mai Nishida)

Yuna Akashi

Student Number 2: Yuna Akashi (明石 裕奈, Akashi Yūna) Birthday: 1 June 1988. She is an athletic girl who plays basketball and is often seen together with Makie, Ako, and Akira (i.e. the sports clubs group). Her father is Professor Akashi, one of the Mage-teachers at the Academy. Despite this fact, she knows nothing about magic herself. (although a flashback shows Yuna holding a wand while with her mother, nothing has been revealed on the reason) Yuna is the most mischievous one amongst the sports girls. She has a weakness for strange products from a TV shopping channel (the show is on during class time, but since she can't stand to miss it, she tapes it). During the Final Day Event of the Mahora Festival, Yuna has shown a surprising amount of skill with a pair of magic guns. Though she is unaware of the truth of the "game" she is playing, she has become one of the top "scorers" in the game, and has helped hold the last remaining magic point: the World Tree Plaza, standing up to one of the unsealed giant demons until Negi arrived to take it down. After taking fourth place in the "Mages vs. Mars" game, she ends up winning 300 free meals and giving herself the nickname "The Kid" (leading to the other girls trying to force her to share the prize). She also becomes popular with the martial artists in the academy due to her fighting abilities in the battle. 7 years later, Yuna became a Megalo Mesembrian agent like her deceased mother.


  • A note written by Akamatsu reads "huge chest" by her picture in Volume 16's character notes. This is followed up after the festival, where Yuna is shown worrying about her breasts growing larger and the sports girls questioning her after she fills out a new swimsuit rather easily.
  • Yuna's surname, Akashi, comes from the Japanese city of the same name in Hyogo prefecture.
  • Negima!: Her pactio items are basketballs and a pair of shoes allowing her to jump very high. She also has blonde hair.
  • Negima!?: Due to more recent manga events, Yuna became a military buff as opposed to a mere basketball player. During the "Suka incident", she turned into an otter. Asuna also claims that she is a member of the Chupacubra club, but Yuna states she only goes there when she's bored (one of those times being during an omake).

(Seiyū: Madoka Kimura, English VA: Amber Cotton, Spanish VA: Diana Perez)

Kazumi Asakura

Student Number 3: Kazumi Asakura (朝倉 和美, Asakura Kazumi). Birthday: 10 January 1989. She is the resident class reporter with a camera always on hand. She likes to get the inside scoop on everything that goes on, and is part of the Mahora Paparazzi. She was one of the first girls in the class to learn Negi's secret, which she discovered accidentally in Kyoto while investigating the rumor that someone had proclaimed her love to Negi. Though initially she intended to reveal Negi's secret to the world, she was persuaded to keep quiet about it, and is occasionally seen plotting with Chamo. She had been promised a Probationary Contract in exchange for keeping the secret, and got one during the trip to the magical world. She frequently elects herself as Negi's manager when it comes to scheduling time with him, (even though Chamo is actually the one pulling the strings). Both she and Chamo were the instigators of the "Kiss Negi" game during the Kyoto field trip. Asakura sports the fourth largest breasts in the class. She signed on with Chao's plan, acting as the lead announcer and referee at the Mahora Fighting Tournament, where she often deliberately pointed out the more fantastic feats performed by her teacher and classmates, drawing the attention of the audience towards them. However, she later reveals she had completed her contract with Chao and helped Negi to stop Chao's plan to reveal magic. She became the announcer for the "Mars Attacks vs. Mage Order" game. Sayo is currently following (or haunting) Kazumi. She is friends with Sayo and is one of the few people who can see her, having sat next to her for so long. In Negima Workshop, she is noted to be similar to Mitsune Konno from Love Hina. 7 years later, Kazumi became a freelance journalist and published a bestselling book called "Second Generation Hero", presumably focusing on Negi and his accomplishments.


  • Her surname, Asakura (meaning "morning storehouse"), is also the name of a former village, a city, and a district in Japan, as well as that of a daimyōclan.
  • In one of the group shot artwork from the first volume, she is depicted wearing glasses. However, she never appears wearing them in the actual manga.
  • Negima!: Her artifact is a scope camera that allows her to record, capture, and focus in on anything.
  • Negima!?: Although one never to turn down a scoop, her main focus in this series is on her relationship with the ghostly Sayo, whom she sits next to and consistently checks on through her camera after Negi reveals her to the class. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a canary who keeps running up to Negi telling him of the latest dangers the other Suka girls are causing.

(Seiyū: Ayana Sasagawa English VA: Monica Rial Spanish VA: Ana Lucia Ramos)

Yue Ayase

Student Number 4: Yue Ayase (綾瀬 夕映, Ayase Yūe). Birthday: 16 November 1988. She is the cool slacker. She is often seen drinking unusual beverages from juice boxes, unfortunately her constant drinking of these juices often leads to her using the restroom quite frequently. Despite being a talented bibliophile, she hates studying and is amongst those with the lowest grades in the class, and hence is a member of the "Baka Rangers" study group (A play on the Power Rangers series and the Super Sentai genre they came from) - she is "Baka Black", and considered the team's leader. It was revealed in Volume 14, that after the death of her beloved grandfather, Yue had lost interest in the world in general and considered everything, especially studying, as pointless. She was initially disinterested in making friends, though Nodoka was the first to make an impression on her, by saying that anyone who likes books can not be a bad person.

Yue is also a member of the Library Exploration Group, often hanging around with Nodoka and Haruna (who calls her "Yuecchi" ゆえっち). After the Kyoto field trip, having witnessed the attack on the Kansai Magic Association headquarters, and helping out Negi figure out the clues left by his father, Yue had deduced Negi's secret about being a mage, and also about Mahora Academy's connection with mages. In Volume 7, she helps Negi in figuring out a clue to his father's whereabouts (even though the clue was ridiculously obvious). Another trip into the depths of the Mahora Library is thwarted by the dragon that lives there, though Yue swears revenge on the beast for drooling on her. She and Nodoka later ask Negi to teach them how to use magic, and Yue even suggested forming a pactio with him (though she immediately changed her mind once she learned about what was involved in making a contract from Chamo and Kazumi).

Nevertheless, Yue has learned a bit of magic by the time of the Mahora Festival. She also forms an odd friendship with Kotarō in Kyoto after his fight with Kaede. Unlike her regular schoolwork, Yue studies the subject of magic with dedication, (she spends over 3 hours a day practicing). She is a strong supporter of Nodoka's feelings for Negi and encourages her to develop a relationship with him. However, she also begins to develop feelings for Negi herself, a fact she manages to keep a secret from Nodoka until the school festival. Nodoka forgave her, and with her approval (although not with Yue's or Negi's consent), Yue became the fifth person to form a probationary contract with the child teacher. Her artifact is a set consisting of a book, cloak, and a witch's hat and broom, which is practically a Beginner's Set for all Mage trainees. Its power is gradually being revealed. The beginner set contained a book, which was recently revealed to be a magical encyclopedia that updated itself.

After the Mahora Festival, Yue and the rest of the Library Exploration Club has been invited to join Negi on his trip to Wales during the summer break. Currently, she and Nodoka are studying magical spells in Evangeline's Resort. She has found a better way to learn by using her Artifact to download the latest beginner books from various magical academies, much like the way Negi learned.

7 years later, she became a magic/space detective and an employee in the ISSDA R&D Department with Nodoka.


  • As a footnote on the early character design profile in manga book 5, Ken Akamatsu commented that she does have the feeling of ROD when he first saw the settings by his helper.
  • One line in the Del Rey translation implied that she may be Konoka's cousin, but this was a misprint (the wording on the bubble that was directed at her was supposed to be for Konoka). In Volume 10, she says that her grandfather was Taizo Ayase, a philosopher.
  • Negima!: Yue uses the broom to cast thunder spells on the enemies. Yue's feelings for Negi were also showcased much sooner and faster than in the manga, and came to a head when she kissed Negi in front of Nodoka after questioning her friend's own feelings for him. Later, Nodoka accepted Yue's feelings and said she was glad to have her as a romantic rival.
  • Negima!?: Yue's romantic feelings towards Negi are more developed in this series with two episodes focusing on her dilemma both personally and with her relationship to Nodoka. The first episode, similar to the manga, focuses on her feelings in having to kiss Negi for a Pactio contract. However, while she does finally succumb to these feelings, her kiss leads to the remainder of the class to learn of magic and many of the events for the remainder of the series. Later, Yue continues to ponder her feelings as well as how it relates her to Nodoka, both as a friend and romantic rival. Although the last to gain a Pactio on an individual basis, her only activation was during the "Suka incident" where she turned into an owl, yet was still able to gain Negi's assistance in buying her weird drinks.

(Seiyū: Natsuko Kuwatani, English VA: Brina Palencia, Spanish VA: Cristina Camargo)

Ako Izumi

Student Number 5: Ako Izumi (和泉 亜子, Izumi Ako). Birthday: 21 November 1988. She is a shy athletic girl who works as a school nurse's assistant. One interesting point is that she has a fear of seeing blood, which makes her position as a nurse's assistant seem odd. She has a large scar across her back, which she makes every effort to hide from others and is the source of her low self-confidence, as she believes that the mark makes her ugly and unwanted. The scar may also be connected to her fear of blood, as seen in Chapter 123. She is usually seen with Makie (her roommate), Yuna, and Akira. She is also the manager of the boy's middle school soccer club, and in charge of 2-A's sanitation department. She does not consider herself anyone special and is one of the better-behaved members of the class, quite a contrast to the more mischievous Yuna. She has some talent with a bass guitar. She had once confessed her love to an older boy but was rejected. Ako, who never really showed much interest in the 10-year-old Negi, develops a huge crush on the older, teenage version of him (after taking Age Deceiving Pills), whom she believes is his cousin "Nagi". She was so infatuated with him that she immediately invites him to her festival's activity, even though she said it was nothing at all. Some of the other girls also have shown attraction toward Negi's older form, though Ako is by far the most interested. Recently, Negi, in his older form, took Ako out on a date in order to help her relax before the Mahora Festival's live concert. They take part in the Mahora Best Couple Contest and win 2nd place. During this date, Negi encourages Ako to think of herself more as the main character, rather than just part of the supporting cast. This helps her build more confidence in herself, to the point where she almost confesses her love toward the handsome "Nagi" twice. The first time she chickened out by asking him if he liked Japanese squid, (rather than saying that she really loves him), and the second time during the Mahora Live Concert. She narrowly avoided getting shot by Mana, who was watching out for love confessions during the festival. Luckily, she ended up only asking for his e-mail address. With the end of the Mahora Festival, she assumes that Nagi has already left for England and is now pining away at his absence. Recently, the Cheerleaders talked her into sending pictures of her in different outfits to Nagi... then knocked her out and sent one last one of her dressed as a bunny-girl.

She also mentioned that she likes to collect cute band-aids.

7 years later, Ako became a 1st grade healing practitioner and later nurse.


  • In the Del Rey translation of Volume 9, her surname, Izumi, was misspelled "Waizumi" during the ghost incident. Her surname is come from the city of the same name (as well as that of an ancient province) in Osaka Prefecture.
  • Her given name, Ako, means "second child".
  • Negima!: Her pactio weapon is a huge injection needle complete with a nurse uniform.
  • Negima!?: Although the first anime only revealed it pronouncedly with her pactio, Ako's nursing skills are further emphasized in this series: she is consistently healing other members of the class and even comes up with strange medicines and needles to help them out. During one incident, she tries to inject Negi with a giant needle filled with an energy formula, but instead hits Chamo making him literally become super-powerful! The anime also acknowledges her membership in Dekopan Rocket with the cheerleaders, but she is only seen with them in one scene acknowledging the massive noise Asuna made in the dorm.[3] During the "Suka incident", she becomes a chick.

(Seiyū: Kotomi Yamakawa, English VA: Avery Rice-Williams, Spanish VA: Circe Luna)

Akira Okouchi

Student Number 6: Akira Okouchi (大河内 アキラ, Ōkōchi Akira). Birthday: 26 May 1988. She is a tall, athletic, and very quiet girl in the swimming club. She is so good at swimming that the Mahora High School swimming club is already looking to recruit her. She is a friend of Ako, and Yuna. She is not always comfortable with Yuna's stunts (For example, being forced to dress as a bunny-girl). She is noted to be similar to Motoko Aoyama of Love Hina, though in looks only. After Chao completes her plot to reveal magic to the world, Akira is one of the very few girls in the class to stay calm when Negi "reappears". Of course, her knowledge of magic's existence along with everyone else's is erased when Negi and the group return to the third day of the Mahora Festival. Akira also participates in the "Mars vs. Mages" battle, fighting alongside her friends using a staff. After the festival, she assists Negi in getting back his
Evangeline Oshioki Dabe

Negi lost the ring evangeline gave him

spellcasting ring (though she is unaware of its true nature) after he loses it in the bathing area and nearly embarrasses himself in front of the other girls to get it back, making him note of her "strong yet kind" nature in his class guide.

7 years later, Akira became a cabin attendant at an orbital elevator firm, where she works with Ako.


  • While the manga writes "Akira" in katakana, without kanji, the Chinese version gives it the pinyin "Jīng" (the kanji of "Okouchi" is converted to Dàhénèi). The only "Akira"-kanji with this pinyin is that of Akira Watase, Japanese adult film actress.
  • Negima!: Her pactio attack is "water thrust". She also has blue hair.
  • Negima!?: The omake reveals that she keeps a pet arowana named Yamamoto that she was originally meant to teach to swim, but she has adopted as a family member, much to the chagrin of the other sports girls. During the "Suka incident", she was turned into a frog and where she had a slight battle with Motsu the "frog" as part of an experiment.

(Seiyū: Azumi Yamamoto English VA: Jenny Phagan Spanish VA: Isabel Martiñon)

Misa Kakizaki

Student Number 7: Misa Kakizaki (柿崎 美砂, Kakizaki Misa) Birthday: 15 May 1988. She is the leader of the class's cheerleaders, Madoka and Sakurako, and a member of the chorus club. She loves shopping and hates carbonated drinks. She also has a fondness for karaoke. Misa also has some "adult" tendencies, far more than any of the other girls in the class (see also chapter 120, where she thinks to "educate" Negi as her future "hot" boyfriend... in 5 years time, although it is believed that noticing how Negi's "father" looked like in the festival, a red-haired super-hottie, instigated her "reverse Hikaru Genji" plan). She also uses the term onee-san when she talks about herself, if Negi is around. She is the only girl in the class to have a steady boyfriend. Along with her fellow cheerleaders, she takes part in the "Mars vs. Mages" game and is stripped to her underwear when she is hit by the robots' beam weapons. Recently, she has started considering the implications of falling for a ten-year old, leading to suspicions she could be a closet shotacon like Ayaka.

7 years later, Misa became a hotel concierge.


  • Misa's hair color was originally brown (as used in the Introduction OVA and the cheerleader CD of the monthly collection), but changed to purple when she became one of the infamous "hair color changes" in the original Negima anime, leading to Akamatsu to admit that she had purple hair all this time (however, Misa's hair was purple in the initial colorspread of the series, showing that the color change to brown was wrong in the first place).
  • Negima!:: Her pactio is a team cheer attack with Madoka and Sakurako, energizing those who hear it.
  • Negima!?: Misa and the other cheerleaders seem to become one character, either speaking at the same time or completing each other's sentences. During the "Suka incident", she becomes a goat.

(Seiyū: Shizuka Itou, English VA: Gwendolyn Lau, Spanish VA: Cristina Hernández)

Asuna Kagurazaka

Student Number 8: Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, listed as Asuna Kagurazaka (神楽坂 明日菜, Kagurazaka Asuna) on the seating chart. Birthday: 21 April 1988 (in anime 23 October 1988) [Although, in the anime it shows that her 14th birthday is on 23 October 2003, so some believe her birthday may be in the year 1989]. This is a topic under constant speculation, however, as Asuna "Twilight Imperial Princess" was the cornerstone to the plans of Cosmo Entelecheia, which took place at least twenty years prior to the events of Negima!. She is the irascible dunce, incredible runner, and physically powerful lead female heroine. She is often in conflict with other people, especially Ayaka. Asuna has a crush on her former homeroom teacher, Takahata, whom Negi replaces. Asuna is an orphan who was allowed into the school free by the School's Dean, yet still tries to pay towards her schooling with her wages earned delivering newspapers. Much to her chagrin, she is "Baka Red" of the Baka Rangers and has the lowest test score average in the class, especially in English. She has heterochromia (Her left eye is blue while her right eye is green).

She has partial immunity to most magic used against her, such as love potions or petrification spells. When she forced Negi to take a love potion he'd made for her, it affected every girl except for her. When she accidentally ate one of the love candies Negi had purchased, it made her somewhat attracted to him - unlike Konoka, who took one and went crazy over Setsuna. She also, after Albireo jogged her of her past memories and unleashed the sleeping powers within her, has the ability to use kankahō, an ability that combines ki and magic to infuse the wielder with great strength and speed. Because she is underexperienced, she is unable to use this ability with the same effectiveness as Takahata, but her kankahō is almost equally fierce as his when it comes to sheer power.

7 years later, as the last descendant of the oldest royal family in the magic world, she worked as a symbol of harmony between the two worlds. She also spent her efforts in the restoration of the kingdom. Despite her busy daily life, she still maintains contact with her old classmates.

  • Negima!: Her magic cancelling ability was the result of a contract with a demon king. Asuna agreed to the contract to lose or at least suppress a natural magical ability she possessed since early childhood: the power to summon demons. This ability caused destruction and carnage wherever she went, causing Asuna great heartache. Her demon-given ability was the indirect cause of Nagi's disappearance, as she inadvertently nullified his magic barrier during a fight with a demon. The price of the contract was that Asuna was to die at 12:00 midnight on her 14th birthday. In order to change this event the rest of class 3-A (unintentionally) was transported back in time to when Asuna was a child. After a battle against Demons who intended to use Asuna as a shield, 3-A returned to the present and through a machine which Chao, Satomi and Evangeline built the contract was broken
  • Negima!?: Although Asuna keeps her well intentioned, Negi-assisting ways, this version has made her slightly daffier in her means. She is a slacker and not quite as smart as she appears, keeping her as a true member of the "Baka Rangers". She is also obsessed with chupacabra in this version, at first believing it as the assaulter on Mahora campus (instead of Evangeline) and founding a club to discuss and even try to capture the creature (which would eventually evolve into a magic club for Negi and his Magistra). While once again the first to gain pactio in this series, the means of power are slightly different: her main manga pactio ability is split in two (harisen in Cosplay form, sword in Armor form) and she also gains a Suka form that turns her into a wild boar. Towards the end of the series, she is turned evil by the power of the Star Crystal infecting Evangeline but only lasts until her vampiric host is defeated in battle.

(Seiyū: Akemi Kanda, English VA: Luci Christian, Spanish VA: Rosy Aguirre)

Misora Kasuga

Student Number 9: Misora Kasuga (春日 美空, Kasuga Misora). Birthday: 4 April 1988. A hyperactive tomboy in the track and field club, who had rivaled Asuna in the class sprint runs. She always wears a crucifix and is sometimes seen wearing a nun's habit. Later in the manga, she is revealed as a mage-in-training (a member of the Mahora "mahō shōjo team") as well as a Ministra Magi. Her pactio artifact is a pair of sneakers that allow her to run and jump with superhuman ability. She has also been seen wielding a cross as a weapon, but it has yet to be seen how it is used. She seems to be self-conscious about her abilities, and tries to hide it from friends and acquaintances, even when it is obvious. During Chao's attempt to reveal magic to the world, she is reluctant about becoming involved, seeing her own possible magical background. However, she does use her pactio item to help Asuna and Setsuna escape from a situation and helps them assist Negi to get past Chao's robot forces.

After the end of the festival, Misora begins to have suspicions about Negi and several of the classmates seen consistently around him. After Asuna, Yue, and Nodoka mistake her for a priest while she and Cocone were cleaning at the church, she inadvertently listens to their concerns and uses a voice manipulation as if she was the priest. Later, after Nodoka's turn, Nodoka tells everyone in the class about it and most of the 3-A students (as well as Negi and Takane) confess their concerns. During this incident, she overhears, among other things, Negi concerns after Chao's departure, Asuna's attempt to hold back her feelings towards Negi, and the love triangle between Negi, Nodoka, and Yue. But after hearing Negi's confession, she and Cocone were given the divine punishment by Sister Shakti.


The yoga of lighter-haired Misora (and Nekane Springfield) from "Negima!?"


  • If looked at very carefully, in Chapter 156 on Page 11 in the second panel of the page, the broom that Misora is flying on, for that one panel becomes Negi's staff. This was corrected in Tankōbon number 17, which collected Chapters 150-159.
  • Most depictions of Misora since the start of the series has made her a redhead. However, a recent coloring in an official publication has changed her hair color to gray, similar to her Negima!? rendition.[4]
  • Her surname, Kasuga ("spring-day"), is the name of several locations in Japan. Her given name means "beautiful sky".
  • Negima!: Her weapon is an Iron Cross allowing her to commune with God and use His powers.
  • Negima!?: Misora is a yoga enthusiast in this series, where she is paired with the other sports girls as a replacement for Makie. Like the first series (and unlike the manga), she forms a pactio with Negi, yet her only released card turned her into a pig during the "Suka incident".

(Seiyū: Ai Bandou, English VA: Wendy Powell, Spanish VA: Monica Manjarrez)

Chachamaru Karakuri

Student Number 10: Chachamaru Karakuri (絡繰 茶々丸, Karakuri Chachamaru) Manufactured 3 January 2001, activated 1 April 2001. A robot created by Satomi and Chao for Evangeline, and is powered both mechanically and by magic. She is essentially a technological golem. Karakuri is the Japanese word for "machine" or "mechanical parts". Despite her robotic parts showing very clearly, only a select few in her class actually seem to have noticed, or ascribe her appearance to mere cosmetics; to date, only Chamo and Chisame seem to have realized without having it pointed out to them. As well as being Evangeline's Ministra Magi, she performs maid duties at the cottage they share on the Mahora campus. While Chachamaru displays few outward emotions, she spends most of her free time helping people and rescuing stray animals, including regularly taking care of stray cats, and is very popular with young children, who seem to know that she is a robot. She is also in the go and Tea Ceremony clubs, but only because Evangeline is in those clubs as well (the cha in her name means "tea"). Perhaps because of the magic used in her creation, Chachamaru begins to show human-like functions and emotions she was not programmed for, such as her internal gears increasing in speed during moments where a human's heart would beat faster, and even leaking lens-cleaning fluid from her eyes when she's upset. The most likely trigger for this seems to be that she started developing feelings for Negi after he stopped an attack on her when she was unable to defend herself, turning his own Sagitta Magica spell back on himself rather than hurt his own student. Chachamaru eventually rocket-punched Satomi, her own creator, out of embarrassment when she was about to tell everyone about her crush on Negi, and nearly resulted in a complete breakdown of her cognitive abilities.

Despite her assisting Negi in Kyoto, Graf Herrmann declined to go after her, lest he risk drawing the attention of Evangeline, whom he wanted to avoid. Even so, she, Evangeline, and Kaede, who avoided being kidnapped, did discover his presence, but held back, preferring to see if Negi and Kotarou could handle the situation themselves. She attended the Mahora Fighting Tournament, where she performed match commentary with Kaoru Gōtokuji (providing useful exposition for readers), and performed a Tea Ceremony for Negi afterwards. She supported Chao's plot to reveal magic to the world, perhaps because of her affiliation with Satomi. She often asks for forgiveness from Negi whenever there is a confrontation between their sides. On the third day of the Mahora Festival, she engaged in a cyberspace battle against Chisame and her pactio artifact, along with Ayaka and Makie playing as magical girl characters. Once Chao was defeated, she unconditionally surrendered to Chisame, much to her classmate's dismay after fighting so hard to get the magical barrier back online.

Chachamaru is equipped with several devices, which include a Magic-Canceller (to undo Binding Circles), laser emitters in her eyes, magic-powered thrusters on her legs and back, retractable rocket fists, and whatever else her creator Satomi can come up with. In the anime, she was also equipped with an aquatic mode, which allows her to swim on the surface of water like a speedboat. Furthermore, she can launch mini-missiles and other kinds of ordinance. Though Satomi is constantly upgrading and improving on Chachamaru's systems, some of her upgrades leave much to be desired (such as having an umbrella-like heat plate so she can wear her hair up without overheating).

Chachamaru is the latest in a series of androids. A number of other androids, previous models in the series, work for Evangeline as maids, and refer to Chachamaru as their little sister. During the final battle of the Mahorafest war, a number of other female-styled androids, as well as an advance combat body designed for her fitted with a basic combat AI were sent out to slow down Negi and his group as they tried to reach Chao. Some time after the festival, she was finally "fitted" for new bodies: The combat model, which features shorter hair, and a body styled like a 10-year-old with realistic 'human skin' coating which hides her joints.

In the manga, she seems a bit more feminine and helps Evangeline whenever she hurts herself through accident.

7 years later, she worked as Negi's secretary. She became the prototype to the humanoid robots needed in the harsh environments of solar system development (she certainly did get wound up every day).

  • Negima!: Chachamaru seems a bit more robotic and for the first few episodes only says "Yes, Master" when speaking to Evangeline. Also, in Episode 9 of the original anime, a Battle Model android with the same style head as Chachamaru and a tank-like body is shown being worked on by the Robotics club. It is shown to have missile launcher. The tank-like body is very similar to that of the RX-75-4 Guntank from the Mobile Suit Gundam series.
  • Negima!?: Chachamaru spends most of the series by the side of Evangeline, assisting her both in battle and in the preparation of tea or noodles alongside Takahata. She ends up fighting Asuna twice in this series: the first time in a situation similar to the manga where she fights alongside her master, the second after both Evangeline and Asuna had become possessed by the true evil of the series. Though Chachamaru is knocked down at one point, repairs by Satomi makes her more battle ready for combat in her rematch with the redhead. After victory, Chachamaru becomes the final pactio of the series, stealing a kiss from Negi without warning. During the opening and ending titles, it is shown that Chachamaru's Suka form is that of a giraffe.

(Seiyū: Akeno Watanabe English VA: Caitlin Glass, Spanish VA: Pilar Escandon)

Madoka Kugimiya

Student Number 11: Madoka Kugimiya (釘宮 円, Kugimiya Madoka) Birthday: 3 March 1989. She is the serious one of the three cheerleaders in the class. She makes sure that the other cheerleaders (especially Sakurako) do not get into any trouble. She likes gyūdon and silver accessories and generally into Western music (currently is a fan of Avril Lavigne from notes), but hates playboys and is mildly obsessed with her husky voice. Her surname is usually the target of nickname making (which Madoka does not like) from her classmates.
During the school festival, she develops a small crush on the teenage form of Kotarou. She has been shown to be very protective of her friends, and especially for Ako, whom she encourages to be more confident. Ironically, she almost got Ako shot when she pressed the shy girl to confess her love for "Nagi" (teenage Negi) in front of an audience during the Live Mahora Concert. Luckily for Ako, and much to Madoka's consternation, she only asked for Nagi's e-mail address. Madoka also takes part in the "Mars vs. Mages" game and is among the first "casualties" (meaning her clothes were blasted off), when she is hit by the robots' strip beams.

7 years later, she's a firm government official who works at elevator customs. Thanks to the developmnet of Mahora, she can have fun without traveling far.

Her nicknames usually start with Kugi-, which is similar in fashion with Kurogane from Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (whose nicknames by Mokona starts with Kuro-).

  • Negima!: Her pactio is an energizing cheer power alongside Misa and Sakurako.
  • Negima!?: Like the other cheerleaders, Madoka is consistently saying and doing the same actions as the others. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a black panther.

(Seiyū: Mami Deguchi, English VA: Lucy Small, Spanish VA: Belinda Martinez)

Kū Fei

Student Number 12: Kū Fei (古 菲; katakana: クー フェイ; romaji: Kū Fei; Pinyin: Gǔ Fēi) Birthday: 16 March 1989. She is the energetic and joyful kung fu fighting Chinese girl. She is "Baka Yellow" of the "Baka Rangers" study group, her excuse being that she can't concentrate much on her English studies as she is still learning Japanese, an excuse supported by her pronounced Chinese accent. (In later volumes of the English manga, Ku Fei's Chinese accent is rendered as "pidgin" English, a source of controversy for many fansTemplate:Fact of the series. This decision was made by Negima's adaptor Trish Ledoux,[5] who used this technique for the character of Shampoo in adapting English scripts for Viz's Ranma ½ anime series. Another homage to Ranma ½ is her addressing Negi as making a good "son-in-law" - a reference to Shampoo's great-grandmother, Cologne.

She hates being used as a test subject for Chao's and Satomi's inventions. She learns of Negi's secret when she, Mana, and Kaede helped Negi, Asuna, and Setsuna rescue Konoka during the Kyoto field trip. During that trip, she took part in the "Kiss Negi" game, in which a Botched Pactio Card of her was created, though she may or may not be aware of it. After the Kyoto arc, she becomes Negi's martial arts instructor at the latter's request. Ku Fei works at Chao's baozi shop and is respected and idolized by the members of the school's many fighting clubs. She managed to barely defeat Mana in the Mahora Fighting Tournament, but had to drop out of the tournament due to the injuries she received. Her arm was later healed by Colonel Sanders; she and some other girls were trapped with Negi in the future after Chao had succeeded in revealing magic to the world. They eventually get back to the third day of the Mahora Festival, and she was part of the group battling Chao's robots. Along with Haruna, she stayed behind to fight the Chachamaru clone and two other robots as Negi moved towards Chao.

After the Battle of Mahora arc, Ku Fei and Kaede join Ala Alba to search for Negi's father in Mundus Magicus (Magic World). During the Training arc before the Journey to the Magic World, she ranks high on Chamo-kun's "Negi Love Ranking" list. Later, in the Magic World, it is hinted that Ku Fei might have developed a strong crush on Negi that she hasn't realized yet.

In chapter 261, she makes a Pactio with Negi after struggling with her feelings for him. As Negi tried to run away from the other girls during the "Borrow an item from the teacher" game, while his magic was blocked, he runs into Ku Fei who then confesses to having feeling for him and then demands a battle..

7 years later, she opened up a hall on the small streets of Mahora to gather desciples. She continues to obtain total victory at the Mahora Martial Arts Competition, which increaces in scale every year. She retains her humble personality and Kaede Nagase is her eternal training partner. She callenges Negi to a match every New Year's Day and it has since become a tradition.

  • Negima!: Her pactio item is a magic tonfa that emits waves.
  • Negima!?: Although Ku Fei is one of the few girls that attempts a pactio from the mass group, her only attempt is messed up when she kicks Negi during the ceremony, leading to him accidentally pulling her Suka form: a tiger. Although a notable martial artist herself, her stupidity is more pronounced as a member of the Baka Rangers who fights before thinking. She also occasionally takes the guise of the "wise teacher" Ku-rōshi (used by her in the manga when training Negi in martial arts).

(Seiyū: Hazuki Tanaka, English VA: Cynthia Cranz, Spanish VA: Mónica Villaseñor)

Konoka Konoe

Student Number 13: Konoka Konoe (近衛 木乃香, Konoe Konoka) Birthday: 18 March 1989. She is a cheerful and caring girl who lives with Asuna and Negi. If anything, she is the mediator of the group, being both Asuna's best friend and Negi's biggest supporter. Her test scores are top-notch. She is also the granddaughter of the school headmaster , and occasionally endures his attempts to arrange an omiai (Japanese arranged marriage) for her. A fan of fortune-telling, she has tremendous magical potential, having come from a family of powerful mages. Her father, Eishun Konoe, is the chief of the Kansai Magic Association, who married her mother, the school headmaster's daughter, in an arranged marriage in order to ease tension between the Kansai and Kantō (where Mahora Academy is located) Magic Associations. She is a member of the Konoe family of the Fujiwara clan, the source for all imperial brides from the 8th through 19th centuries. Konoe is not his original surname, but he adopted it as his own after marriage.

Konoka was not informed by her father of her magical potential or of her family's mystic history, as he wanted her to live a normal life. Before learning of Negi's magical background, she was very interested (and still is) in fortune-telling and anything pertaining to the occult. She is the President of Mahora's Fortune-Telling Club. As soon as Konoka saw Asuna's pactio card, she wanted one of her own. Chamo was all for it (so he could get 50,000 Ermine Dollars) though Negi was initially against it. This led to a Botched Card and caused the magic in her blood to awaken.

Konoka's magic ability first manifested on the tip of her finger during a shopping trip with Negi, and was briefly released when she healed Setsuna's arrow wound during a fight in Kyoto. When Negi was caught in the effect of a petrification spell, Konoka formed a full temporary pactio with him in order to reverse the petrification. The pactio process had also reversed the petrification spell on those affected at her home at the same time. Her artifact is an outfit with fans that allow her to heal any injury within three minutes. She is beginning to learn magic from Negi and Evangeline, and is able to cast a few simple spells like Yue. She has strong affection for Setsuna, and this often makes their friendship seem more akin to a romantic relationship (although this mostly is from Setsuna's side, as Konoka has admitted in Volume 2 that she isn't ready for any serious relationship with anybody), and has occasionally shown interest in Negi Springfield (especially when he was magically altered by the Age-Deceiving Pills). She is sometimes shown in the manga dressed similar to white mages from the Final Fantasy series.

During the Mahora Festical arc, she, along with Negi and some of the other girls, became trapped in the future, where Chao had succeeded in revealing magic to the world. After a series of battles and narrow escapes, the group returned to the past to stop Chao's plan. During the "Mage vs. Martian" battle, she worked in the infirmary, using her powers openly to heal those who manage to get injured in the mostly bloodless fighting.

She and Setsuna were invited to join Negi on his trip to Wales. She and Setsuna practiced magic in Eva's resort, during which Konoka reveals a variation of her Pactio Healing outfit. She also showed promise during a telekinesis exercise when she starts knocking down targets with psychic waves with relative ease.

According to the Class Register in Volumes 7+, and Chapter 128, Konoka is also a member of the Library Exploration Club.

7 years later, Konoka became a Magister Magi and she fights for all the innocent civilians who could not be saved by Negi's plan (that was her plan anyway, but it instead became noisy days protecting Setsuna from Tsukuyomi). In 2017, after many years of studying, she treated the petrification of the people of Negi's village. She later married Setsuna.

  • Negima!: It was mentioned in the anime series that Konoka's powers are comparable to those of the Thousand Master, while in the manga, it said that she has the magic potential to even surpass that of the Thousand Master's. She potentially has enough power that she can heal those who were petrified by the high-class demon Graf Hermann during his attack on the village where Negi and Nekane grew up.
  • Negima!?: Although she is a major member of Negi's team and an early Pactio in this series, none of her abilities are connected in any way to her massive healing potential like in the manga or the first anime. Her Armor card involves a set of magical chopsticks she can manipulate like a whip, her Cosplay card lets her manipulate water parlor tricks, and her Suka card turns her into a koala. Konoka is also consistently emphasized with her connection to Setsuna in this series.

(Seiyū: Ai Nonaka, English VA: Monica Rial, Spanish VA: Xochtil Ugarte)

Haruna Saotome

Student Number 14: Haruna Saotome (早乙女 ハルナ, Saotome Haruna) Birthday: 18 August 1988. During the "Big Breast Competition" it's noted that her breasts are larger than Ayaka's. Like the other members of the Library Exploration Club (except for Yue), Haruna does well on school tests. She is the local rumormonger, manga artist, and a frequent companion of Yue and Nodoka. If there is a rumor going around in the class, she is usually at the root of it all. It is said that her rumor-spreading abilities are so well developed that she can spread them to the other end of the school in two hours. She eventually figured out Negi's secret at the tournament, as well as the fact that her friends Yue, Nodoka, and Konoka already knew about it. Subsequently, she interrogated them until they told her everything. As a member of the Library Exploration Club, she seems to have made it her mission to get Nodoka together with Negi, whether Nodoka wants her help or not. She also draws manga and goes by the nickname "Haru" (or "Paru", "Pal"). She occasionally uses illustrations to express ideas or feelings. She draws the "Mahō Shōjo" ("Magical Girl") manga series, which is very popular in Mahora. She loves the idea of magical artifacts and such (due to her hobby with manga and the idea of magical girls), and even tried immediately to do a Pactio with Negi as soon as she found out (by kissing him the next moment she saw him). Like with Kazumi, Chamo has taken a liking toward Haruna and she played a part in getting Yue to make a Probationary Contract with Negi. Then with Konoka's help, she promptly took advantage of the opportunity to get a pactio for herself.

During the trip into the future, Haruna becomes more adept in using her artifact and has proven quite useful, both in combat and in diverting the enemy with her lifelike creations. As of now, she and the rest of the group have returned to the past to stop Chao from revealing magic to the world. When Chisame agreed to make a pactio with Negi, Haruna managed to push Ayaka and Makie out of the room and prevented them from learning about magic. Accompanying Negi to confront Chao, she stayed behind to help Ku Fei battle a trio of combat androids, including a prototype combat body for Chachamaru.

After the festival, she and the other Library Club members end up in the middle of Negi offering Asuna a chance to go to Wales and be his partner. After binding down Nodoka and Yue from getting away, she ends up coaxing Negi to taking her and the other two (even with their feelings for Negi nearly ruined with their interpretation of Negi's offer as a confession to Asuna) to Wales for their summer break. Forced into a corner, he accepts, allowing the Library Exploration Club to come on his new, dangerous journey.

Though she was the sixth provisional contract Negi has made, the actual pactio card has yet to be seen. While training inside Eva's resort in preparation for the trip to Wales, Haruna decided to make copies of herself in order to draw more images at the same time. Later she makes Dark Nodoka, an alternative version of Nodoka, and she had made plans to make an Erotic Nodoka too for Negi, but gets herself whacked by the real Nodoka after knowing her intentions by using her pactio.

7 years later, after making Megalo-Mesembria her primary residence, she became a best-selling author. She currently makes the most money out of her former classmates. She frequently uses her Warp Gate to go shopping with friends.

  • Manga: Her artifact is a set that consists of a sketchbook, hat, apron, and a feather quill that has the ability to make anything she sketches come to life. The clothing from her artifact materializes over the clothes she is already wearing. Her artifact most likely relies a lot upon her imagination as well as her sketch as the 2D drawing needs more then just that to become a 3D object.
  • Negima!: Her artifact is a marker that can draw anything out of thin air. Her hair is also more green than brown.
  • Negima!?: Due to more recent manga events, Haruna became more prominent in this anime interpretation. She gains a pactio with Negi during the first half of the series, and invokes a Cosplay card that, like her manga pactio, animates her sketches to life. The only other pactio ability used is during the "Suka incident", where she turns into a penguin. She is also infamous for drawing the forms by which Shichimi and Motsu take during their investigations at Mahora Academy. Finally, she is one of the most active members of the Chupacabra club outside Asuna, consistently drawing the creature and attending meetings even if her red-headed leader makes little sense with some of their activities.

(Seiyū: Sawa Ishige, English VA: Jamie Marchi, Spanish VA: Irma Carmona)

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Student Number 15: Setsuna Sakurazaki (桜咲 刹那, Sakurazaki Setsuna) Birthday: 17 January 1989. She is a kendo expert of the shinmei-ryu (literally-gods cry style) of fighting and has some knowledge of onmyō-jutsu. She wields a nodachi named "Yūnagi"(literally "evening calm"). A native of Kyoto, she is a childhood friend of Konoka and serves as her guardian. Some of the characters believe that she has romantic feelings for Konoka because of various hints, but this is mostly subtext (this is much more overt in the OVA, however), while Yue herself thinks of it as nothing more than a mere misunderstanding by everyone. Although extremely devoted to Konoka, Setsuna feels unworthy of protecting her, and tries to maintain an atmosphere of impersonality.

Setsuna is also a winged hanyō: the daughter of a human and a crow yōkai. A form of albinism compounds her mixed heritage. She has white wings, even though crows are black; also, Evangeline has alluded to Setsuna using colored contacts and hair dye. Viewed as an omen of ill luck because of the white colour of her wings, Setsuna was forced into exile from her tribe.

During the battle against Great Demon God "Ryoumen Sukuna no Kami" she was forced to transform into her hanyō-self to be able to rescue Konoka from Chigusa. Forced is the word used because of the fact that she tried to keep it a secret from Konoka since childhood (Setsuna was afraid that she might be rejected by the person that she wishes to protect). However, the law of her clan also states that when their hanyō-form has been seen by others, they are mandated to leave those who have seen their true form. It is only thanks to Negi's insistence that Setsuna stay around that she was prevented from running away right before the end of the Kyoto Field Trip Arc. This resulted in a further blossoming of her relationship with Konoka, and a friendship with Asuna and Negi, as well as her continued growth in the series (akin to Motoko Aoyama's change throughout the Love Hina series). Setsuna was almost forced to transform into her hanyō-form again during the Mahora Festival's final day, when they were falling from high up the sky after traveling back from the alternate future that Chao made. Before she is forced to bring about her wings, Negi stopped her so that the other girls, excluding Asuna and Konoka, would not know of Setsuna's true nature.

She was the third person to form a probationary contract with Negi, in order to give her and Asuna a better chance at fighting off a horde of demons while Negi rescued Konoka. Her pactio artifact manifests as a tantō, and her pactio can create sixteen identical blades, which she can use to seal opponents. Setsuna is reserved and loyal, and holds the title of most skilled fighter in Mahora Academy.

Besides her fighting skills, Setsuna also has some ability to manipulate magic as part of her combat training; for example, she can use paper dolls to create doppelgangers of other people. She can also transfer part of her ki or life force into a paper doll, resulting in a super-deformed version of herself called Mini-Setsuna.

Towards the end of the Festival arc, she and several other girls became trapped with Negi in the future after Chao had revealed the existence of magic to the world. After a long and hard battle, they finally manage to escape that future and head back to the past. Setsuna "performed" in the Mahora "Mars vs. Mages" battle as a "Hero Unit", allowing her to use her full abilities openly in fighting Chao's robot army.

Setsuna joined Ala Alba as a means to protect Konoka during the trip to Wales. Initially embarrased at the name of the group and the pins given to the members, Setsuna eventually becomes used to them. Currently, she, along with Kaede, Ku Fei, Kazumi, and Haruna are travelling to to find the last possibly active gateport in the magic world, abandoned long ago when Ostia was destroyed.

7 years later, she became the devoted servant of Konoka. She also became known as one of the famous first-generation pilots of the space age. She married Konoka in 2017.


  • Setsuna's fighting style, Shinmei-ryū, is the same as Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina, and she can execute techniques familiar to those who read LH, like Zanganken, Zankūsen, and Hyakka Ryōran.
  • Negima!: Although she remains in the background for most of the series, Setsuna has a similar role to her manga counterpart in the Kyoto arc and gains the same pactio ability.
  • Negima!?: Because of her popularity and further manga events, Setsuna has a much greater role in this series. Consistently by the side of Konoka, she is seen both as her protector as well as holding thoughts of desiring something more between the two of them (which is played more for laughs). Becoming the fourth Pactio in this series, she is one of the few to use all three forms: her hanyo-form with floral powers in Armor form, a naginata in Cosplay, and a transformation into a crane in Suka form. Also, the bad drawing style of her VA is joked about, even to the point of a badly-drawn Setsuna (done by Yu Kobayashi) appears on screen to compliment Konoka.

(Seiyū: Yu Kobayashi, English VA: Dana Schultes, Spanish VA: Sylvia Garcel)

Makie Sasaki

Student Number 16: Makie Sasaki (佐々木 まき絵, Sasaki Makie) Birthday: 7 March 1989. She is the energetic (and sort of childlike) rhythmic gymnast. Although she is a gymnast, her spirit is her strong and weak spot, as told by her coach, Ninomiya. She is a friend of Ako, and Akira, who are also in sports clubs, and is "Baka Pink" of the "Baka Rangers" study group, standing out as the second lowest scorer (with only Asuna performing more poorly than she does). Makie really likes Negi (She thinks that he's very cute, but at the same time, can recognize his maturity), but because of his age, does not like him in any romantic way. She is still jealous of his affection so usually ends up in the middle of any competitions for Negi's attention. Makie is extremely skilled with a gymnastics ribbon, and can use it to grab things out of her reach, such as fruit, books, and adorable preteen teachers. She is enthusiastic when it comes to rhythmic gymnastics and achieving her dream of competing in the Olympics.

Despite her ignorance (at the time) of Negi being a mage, Makie is among the students that have had the most encounters with the supernatural side of her teacher's life. She has gone down into the labyrinth under Library Island, been turned into a vampire by Evangeline (and somehow remembers that Negi defeated her), helped Negi gain training from Evangeline, seen Negi battle in the Mahora Festival tournament, fights in a "virtual game" with Ayaka due to Chisame's pactio and has a botched pactio with Negi which she got when she kissed a copy of Negi during the "Kiss Negi" game in Kyoto.

Currently, she is with Ala Alba in the Magic World, after having followed them and accidently going through the gateport. At first she was split up with Yuna but has been reunited with the rest of Ala Alba, excluding Anya, Yue, and (unknowingly) Asuna.

7 years later, Makie graduated from Mahora University to become the Physical Education teacher at Mahora Middle School. She is still focused on winning Negi's heart.


  • According to Volume 2, the character design of Makie was originally used as Kozue Migara the "Heroine's Pal".
  • Her seiyū is also the voice for Naru Narusegawa, the main character of an earlier series by Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina.
  • Negima!: Her artifact is a gymnastics ribbon that she wields like a whip. Her hair is also pink.
  • Negima!?: Makie is used as the butt of many jokes in this series, much to her chagrin. Although she rooms with Ayaka, the blonde consistently belittles her for her lack of drive, exclaiming that "she fails at being Makie Sasaki" and making her further depressed. Her bad luck also carries over to the Baka Ranger shorts, where she never gets to finish her speech, squashed by a giant robot and even turned into a servant! She also gains a weird admiration of Motsu, adopting him as her "father" which he plays with great enthusiasm (during the final episode, she reveals that "father" was the name of a dog she kept when she was younger). During the "Suka incident", she turns into a monkey.

(Seiyū: Yui Horie, English VA: Kate Oxley, Spanish VA: Ana Lobo)

Sakurako Shiina

Student Number 17: Sakurako Shiina (椎名 桜子, Shiina Sakurako) Birthday: 9 June 1988. She is the most cheerful of the three cheerleaders in the class. She likes Negi, but only because she thinks he is cute. She loves karaoke and her pet cats, Cookie and Biscuit (translated as Kukki and Bikke in katakana) and is in the lacrosse club. As a hobby, Sakurako gambles a lot (it was probably a habit instilled in her younger days). She wins her bets most of the time, with great profit, as seen when the Love-Love Kiss Operation concluded and it was discovered that she was the only one who bet on Nodoka to win. She had also bet on her class to get the highest scores during the final exams. She has been in the same class as Asuna and Ayaka for a very long time, so she knows a lot about them (and bets when they fight since Asuna first transferred). A recent chapter also shows that she was known to Yuna from elementary school as well. During the "Mages vs the Martian Attacks" game, she is stripped to her underwear along with her cheerleader compatriots. (Seiyū: Akane Omae English VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard Spanish VA: Irina Indigo)

7 years later, thanks to her clear intuition, she works at a security company. The results of her getting serious have (apparently) affected the world economy (unknown if the effect was good or bad). Fate is seriously considering whether this power can be pointed in a positive direction.


  • Sakurako's family name is pronounced Shii-na (shii is a species of oak).
  • According to character design notes in Volume 2, the idea for Sakurako sprang from the character design of Kozue Migara who was in the Lacrosse Club.
  • Negima!: Her pactio ability, combined with Misa and Madoka, is an energizing cheer.
  • Negima!?: Like Misa and Madoka, Sakurako is rendered as part of one cheer unit, speaking alongside the other girls and even finishing sentences. The only time she shows enthusiasm similar to her manga counterpart is during certain songs, most notable in the anime for the cheerleader version of "A-LY-YA!". During the "Suka incident", she turns into a dog (of interesting note: a pic in the final episode pairs her "dog form" with Makie in her monkey suit. This has many multiple meanings: Makie's backstory about "Father", the bad relationship between dogs and monkeys in Japanese folklore, as well as Makie and Sakurako's common ancestry as Kozue Migara).

Mana Tatsumiya

Student Number 18: Mana Tatsumiya (龍宮 真名, Tatsumiya Mana) Birthday: 17 November 1988. She is the daughter of the keepers of the Tatsumiya shrine (which is on campus), and works part-time there as a priestess (miko), employing guns with spellbreaker bullets as her tool of exorcism. She is not what one describes as sociable, since she keeps to herself most of the time and does not engage in conversation. She is also a mercenary, and mostly takes on contracts that pertain to hunting/destroying/exorcising demons and ghosts but will take on any job as long as she is paid well. Her assignment during the Mahora Festival was to prevent confessions of love from occurring, although Chao also employed her during the Mahora Fighting Tournament. When on the job, she is extremely serious and straightforward, which at times can make her seem cold-hearted and quite frightening. She discovered Negi's secret when she helped rescue Konoka at Kyoto. She is also in the Biathlon club, as her apparent crush is the club's captain. Mana has the third largest breasts in class, and is the second tallest girl. As such, she (and Kaede) are often mistaken for being older than middle school students. Strangely, Graf Herrmann never captured her when he fought Negi and Kotarou under the World Tree.

Mana carries a pactio card, which is the remnant of a contract she had with a mage who is now deceased (whom the biathlon captain resembles, though she still shot him when he tried to confess to her). It should also be noted that the name written in Latin on her pactio card is "Mana Arkana" (arcana meaning "secret"). This, and an exchange with Chamo, seems to hint that Mana is attending Mahora under an assumed identity, and may even be older than she claims. Mana possesses certain abilities, one of which is her Demon-Eye, which allows her to see demons and spirits, (though she did not notice Sayo until much later). This is presumably part of her heritage as a half-demon. It is also shown in one panel that she is capable of story high building jumps (Chapter 86, Page 8). She also took part in the Mahora Fighting Tournament, but lost to Ku Fei. It is later shown that she may have thrown that fight, as Chao offered her some kind of payoff, but Mana turned it down saying that she was serious in the fight and she acknowledged Ku Fei's strength as the strongest of the group. It was later revealed that she took part in Chao's plan to reveal the existence of magic to the world, as she had prevented people like Takahata from interfering.

On the third day of the Mahora Festival, Mana carries out her contract with Chao, using her skills as a sniper to take out the more powerful mages, and even some of her fellow classmates who are participating in the "Mars Attacks vs. Mage Order" "game". But she found some resistance in Kaede, who separated from Negi's group to take her on. The duo continued to fight until Kaede caught her in her own time displacement bullets, and when they reappear, the battle is over. The two of them stop fighting and watch the end festivities of the festival. Later on, she appears to save Asuna from a demon (Chapter 275).

After breaking free of the Cosmo Entelecheia illusion at the Gravekeeper's Palace, she blasts away the floor beneath Zazie's elder sister, Poyo, and engages her in single combat to allow Negi and Ala Alba to move on. After jumping down the hole in pursuit of her opponent, Mana transforms, revealing herself as a "half-demonfolk", a power she hadn't used in 5 years (note that demonfolk - Zazie, Poyo and Mana - are not the same as Kotaru or Setsuna; the former are referred to as mazoku, while the latter are called youkai).

7 years later, the misgivings of Fate Averruncus became real, as conflict never ceased in any corner after the world after the implementation of Negi's plan. Mana has crossed many battlefields in her long life, continuing to fight. She also took part in the Martian War for Independence at the beginning of the 22nd century.

(Seiyū: Miho Sakuma, English VA: Stephanie Young, Spanish VA: Anabel Mendez)


  • According to her character design notes in Volume 6, Mana is half-Puerto Rican, half-Japanese. It also states her name as Ryū-gū Mana (where the kanji is the same as Tatsu-miya Mana).
  • Guns she has used until now are listed in Mana's guns in the List of Items and Artifacts in Negima.
  • Negima!: In the first anime series, she is darker skinned and her hair is blue, with her hair ties being red. Her pactio artifact is a rifle that fires magic bullets.
  • Negima!?: Mana is much more distant to Negi and the other students in this version, usually just appearing to make a side comment alongside Zazie, and is usually seen carrying or polishing a gun of some sort, even in the middle of class or in the bath. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a bear.

Chao Lingshen

Student Number 19: Chao Lingshen (超 鈴音 katakana: チャオリンシェン, Chao Rinshen) Listed Birthday: 1 December 1988. She is the top student of the entire year group (also referred to as the "smartest kid in the school"). A rich Chinese girl, she is in many clubs and is particularly into cooking. Before the Mahora Festival, she runs the "Chāo Bāozi" (lit. "Super-Bāozi", as well as "Chao's Bāozi") restaurant out of a specially modified streetcar (which is apparently able to fly, as shown in Chapter 160), along with Satomi, Satsuki, Ku Fei, and Chachamaru. She is best friends with Satomi, and both enjoy using Satomi's inventions on Ku Fei. Her origins are mysterious (no records of her have been found dated any earlier than 2001) and she claims to be related to Negi by blood. This may explain why she is so intelligent. She was the primary sponsor of the Mahora Fighting Tournament and offered a cash prize of ¥10,000,000 to the winner. She has come into conflict with the school administration for spying and trying to reveal the existence of magic to the world at large. She even went as far as imprisoning Mahora Teachers#Takahata_T._Takamichi and "Mini" Setsuna when they started to investigate the truth of the tournament. She also leaked details of Negi's search for his father, which, combined with his performance in the festival tournament, turned him into an instant celebrity. Her intentions are mostly secret (although world domination is listed as her primary interest, she dislikes war, hatred, and the unilateral control of major powers), but even Evangeline warns Asuna that Chao's kind of evil is far worse than her own. Chao later reveals her intention to quit school and return home on the last day of the Festival, and says that if she missed that chance she would not be able to return home for another 22 years. Chao has often claimed that she is a Martian to those who have asked, more specifically that she is from a Martian colony a hundred years in the future, and that she is a descendant of Negi.

Chao sets a trap for Negi during the festival, confining him and his partners inside of Evangeline's resort for a whole week. This gave her the opportunity to deploy a massive army of robots and capture several key points on the Mahora campus, as well as other locations around the world, and activated a powerful spell to cause people to freely recognize the existence of magic, bypassing the usual skepticism most people would have. She presumably returned to her own time afterwards, but Negi was able to use the World Tree to travel all the way back in time to the final day of the festival to try again to stop her. The final day of the school festival has become a battle as a large portion of the festival's attendees have been used to raise an army to fight her robot forces. Chao then makes her appearance before Asuna and Setsuna, equipped with what appears to be a futuristic battlesuit and promptly defeats them. Negi battled Chao on an airship high over the war game, where she revealed her connection to both her teacher and the Thousand Master. With her time-watch apparently destroyed, she showed that she is also capable of using magic, much to the surprise of everyone, and especially Negi. Her elemental affinity is fire. However, unlike Negi, her magic is derived from magical pattern which are drawn on her body.

During the battle, Negi warns her not to use such power as it may endanger her life, but Chao ignores the advice stating that this was for all or nothing and she had worked hard for over two years. Everything else didn't matter. When Negi asked Chao if the two years she had spent with her classmates were irrelevant, Chao had paused momentarily and admits that it was the one factor she had not counted on. At the climax of the battle, the magical symbol on Chao's head bursts, causing her to be engulfed in Negi's final attack. Chao was defeated, but the battle left them both exhausted and out of power, both magical and mechanical. Fortunately, they were saved by their classmates. But the fight also gave Satomi enough time to complete their spell, just as Chisame managed to break through Chachamaru's attack in cyberspace to restore the school's barrier. However, as per Chao's orders in the event of her defeat, Satomi was not to cast the Forced Recognition Magic spell, but instead a spell to remove hatred and sadness from the world for one day. After the end of the plot, she prepares to head back to the future, keeping her word for losing and to protect the past from knowing of the future. However, Negi stops her, both in defense of the people who want her to stay and to offer her to become a "Magister Magi" like himself, hoping the two of them will fight in the past to change her future. However, seeing that she did lose and that she must keep her part of her promise, Chao chooses to return to the future. After distracting most of the class with a book revealing her own family tree, which would also include who Negi marries, she says goodbye to her closest classmates (Satsuki, Satomi, Chachamaru and Ku Fei), as well as a goodbye to her ancestor Negi, she travels back promising to meet again.

Naturally, with the smartest student in Mahora now gone, Class 3-A's test average took a nosedive during the mid-semester exam before the summer break. However unlike before, they didn't end up in last place. Rather somewhere near the middle.

Chao later on returns near the end of the series to greet Asuna after her 100 year sleep. She helps bring Asuna back to the present time, much to the releif of Negi and the others. Chao also states that she created a device which allows her to jump between parallel worlds (called the Trasworld Machine). After staying with her freinds for a while longer, Chao once again vanished into the future.

With the technology of time travel and dimensional manipulation, Chao is nigh unstoppable. She still fights for the sake of realizing perpetual peace in her own world. Somehow or other, she often returns to Mahora to play with her former classmates.


  • In The Chuang Yi version, her name is rendered as "Chao Rinshen".
  • In Chinese, 音 is never pronounced as shen or sheng in any district of China. The precise pronunciation of 音 in Chinese is yīn.
  • According to her character design notes in Volume 8, Chao was going to be called Lin Mei-Fa.
  • Negima!: Towards the end of the series, Chao gives Negi a Casseopeia watch (similar to those used in the manga) to change Asuna's history for the better.Chao's Pactio is a fan-wielding warrior, but her power is not shown.
  • Negima!?: Although Chao's personality is closer to how she was prior to the Festival arc in the manga, she does gain some more notice in this series than in the first anime. She is one of the few girls from the Mass Pactio in this series to invoke all three cards. Her Armor form transforms her into a martial arts warrior with a metal tessen. She also is transformed during the "Suka incident" where she turned into a giant panda. And during the final Pactio invocation, she uses a Cosplay form with a variety of nikuman. Because manga events have prevented Chao from ever Pactio with Negi, this may be one of the only times she could demonstrate power as such. She also has a special omake where she and Satomi create a "Super Power Hand"... that assists in the distribution of nikuman.

(Seiyū: Chiaki Osawa (Negima!), Megumi Takamoto (Negima!?), English VA: Trina Nishimura, Spanish VA: Christine Byrd)

Kaede Nagase

Student Number 20: Kaede Nagase (長瀬 楓, Nagase Kaede) Birthday: 12 November 1988[6]. She is the gentle and calm yet strong and tall girl. She has an easy-going attitude and is almost always seen with her eyes almost closed. She frequently ends her sentences with "de gozaru", an archaic verb form historically used by samurai. She also has a tendency to address people, particularly in the second series, with the honorific "-dono" ("lord", used by samurai towards superiors; example: Konoka-dono, Setsuna-dono) In her free time, she trains in the mountains, displaying a wide range of ninja-like abilities such as kage bunshin. She later uses her abilities to great effect when aiding Negi and his companions during their battles. She actually comes from the Koga ninja clan, but was born a generation too late, since her parents do not carry on the family ninja traditions (Volume 3). As a result, many of her abilities are self-taught. She is "Baka Blue" of the "Baka Rangers" study group, meaning that she is among the lowest scorers on tests in the class. She is also a member of the Mahora Walking Club, along with Fuka and Fumika.

Kaede was the second girl in the class (Asuna being the first) to learn about Negi's magic. When Negi had fled into the woods during his conflict with Evangeline, Kaede found him while training, and helped cheer him up. She saw Negi flying off the next morning, but kept this a secret even from him until she helped Negi rescue Konoka at Kyoto where she fought and defeated Kotarou. During her fight with Kotarou, Kaede introduced herself as a chūnin|中忍 of the Koga ninja clan|甲賀流. Kaede is the tallest girl in the class, and has the second largest breasts. Graf Herrmann did not capture her when he fought Negi and Kotarou under the World Tree, but she was watching the battle with Evangeline and Chachamaru from a distance. She did quite well during the Mahora Fighting Tournament, but she knew that she was no match against Colonel Sanders and although she lost to him, she was happy to know that she did her best, and even forced him to invoke his artifact in order to defeat her in the time allotted for the match. She later suggested that she and Kotarou train together to become stronger. She and a few other girls were trapped in the future with Negi after Chao succeeded in revealing magic to the world. After returning to the past, she chose to fight alongside Negi, where she fought with Mana until well after the end of the battle, when their fight carried all the way into the middle of the post-festival celebration.

Kaede also joins the girls who form a club to help Negi travel to Wales, and then the Magical World, to find his father. After an attack by Fate that scatters the club into smaller groups, Kaede is later found working her way through the lands by slaying dragons, with assistance from Konoka. She and Konoka later reunite with Asuna and Setsuna, and later on rejoin the group, sans Anya and Yue. After another encounter with Fate and his group, Kaede makes a pactio with Negi, beocming the ninth girl to become his pactio partner. So far, her artifact is a cape that allows her to "disappear" inside of it; it seems to contain a traditional style Japanese home, complete with garden.

7 years later, thanks to her training, she became able to traverse space. Whenever a classmate is in danger, she's always the first to appear out of nowhere. A dependable ninja of the Space Age.


  • During Negima!?, Kaede often dresses in old-fashioned brown robes, taking on a appearance similar to how a kitsune looks. She also acts as a surrogate mother figure for the Narutaki twins in the same series.
  • Negima!: Her pactio artifact is a giant shuriken, but what it does isn't seen. Her hair is also somewhat darker.
  • Negima!?: Although she primarily is seen alongside the Narutaki twins, she does make a Pactio with Negi early in the series. During her only true battle, she reveals a Cosplay card that turns her into a tengu with transformation abilities. However, she also turns into a kappa during the "Suka incident".

(Seiyū: Ryoko Shiraishi English VA: Clarine Harp Spanish VA: Karla Falcón)

Chizuru Naba

Student Number 21: Chizuru Naba (那波 千鶴, Naba Chizuru) Birthday: 29 January 1989. She is a gentle, motherly, and loving, yet strange girl. She is a kind person to everyone, volunteers at the daycare center in Mahora City and is in the Astronomy club. She is a good cook, and has exceptional domestic skills. Even though she is nice, she can be sometimes be scary; an example of this would be her attempts to give Kotarou a suppository of spring onions to relieve his fever (this is an actual folk cure), and her intimidation of Kotarou and Natsumi to go along with her ideas (part of this is connected to Natsumi wanting to find Negi regarding Kotarou's arrival, reminding Chizuru of this cure since negi is "leek" in Japanese). Shortly after Golden Week, she found an injured dog on the side of the road. She took the dog in, which turned out to be Kotarō. Unfortunately, Graf Hermann, a powerful demon, attacked Kotarou, and kidnapped Chizuru when she stood up to him. She all but adopts Kotarou after Negi and Kotarou defeated Graf Hermann and has him to stay in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi's younger brother. Chizuru is extremely courageous, as shown in her encounter with Graf Hermann, where she calmly confronted him for his intrusion and even slapped him when he was about to petrify Kotarou. While Chizuru stays out of the fighting during the mock-battle at the festival, she does take part in the search for Chao late in the conflict, and wins a gift pack for finding her (which she promptly intimidates Kotarou and Natsumi into not disclosing). Her roommates are Ayaka, Natsumi, and Kotarou. Chizuru has the largest breasts in the class. In the Volume 8 character notes and the Negima Workshop, Ken Akamatsu mentions that Chizuru and Mutsumi Otohime from his earlier work, Love Hina, are very similar.

  • Negima!: Her pactio artifact in the anime is a group of magic spheres that explode.
  • Negima!?: The second anime takes advantage of Chizuru's character development since the first series, developing both on her motherly personality and nosy, inquisitive nature. Her relationship to Natsumi is further emphasized as she consistently bugs her roommate with bizarre sayings and forcing Natsumi to suffer for her own amusement. Furthermore, her knowledge and understanding of astronomy becomes key towards the events in discovering the mastermind of the troubles in the series. During the "Suka incident", she transforms into a cow.

(Seiyū: Misa Kobayashi, English VA: Amy Rosenthal, Spanish VA: Irma Carmona).

Fuka Narutaki

Student Number 22: Fuka Narutaki (鳴滝 風香, Narutaki Fūka) Birthday: June 12,1988. She is the elder of the Narutaki twins and the class prankster who always seems to be looking for some way to get into trouble. More often than not, she winds up getting Fumika to help her out as well. Both she and her sister claim to be taking ninjutsu lessons from Kaede (Volume 5), but whether they have any appreciable skills is questionable. Both twins took part in the "Kiss Negi" game, where the both kissed a clone of Negi at the same time, resulting in a single Botched Pactio Card featuring both of them. The twins are members of the Academy Walking Club, and Fuka enjoys teasing Negi by exaggerating things.


  • According to character design notes in Volume 2, Fuka was going to be called Saya Narushima.
  • Negima!: In the first anime, Fuka's hair is pink. Her pactio abilitiy, like her sister, is the creation of an unlimited amount of clones.
  • Negima!?: Little changes have occurred to Fuka in this series, either in look or in her mischievous personality. Both she and her twin gain Pactio early in this series, with her only release being a Cosplay card turning her into a Japanese-style detective. During the "Suka incident", she becomes a bumblebee.

(Seiyū: Kimiko Koyama, English VA: Alison Viktorin, Spanish VA: Rocío Garcel)

Fumika Narutaki

Student Number 23: Fumika Narutaki (鳴滝 史伽, Narutaki Fumika) Birthday: June 12,1988. She is the younger of the Narutaki twins. She is almost the complete opposite of Fuka. Her hobby is cleaning, and while she goes along with Fuka's pranks, constantly tries to tell her sister that they are bad ideas. The twins claim to be undergoing ninjutsu training from their roommate Kaede, and are seen wearing ninja outfits during the "Kiss Negi" contest in Kyoto, and afterwards, when they wanted to play with Negi. She and her sister are the only girls in the class that have not yet gone through pubertyTemplate:Fact.


  • According to character design notes in Volume 2, Fumika was going to be called Fumi Narushima.
  • Fumika's breasts seem larger than Fuka's because Fuka's appear completely flat.
  • Negima!: Fumika's hair is pink and her hair accessories are yellow. But her most radical change is becoming a twin of Fuka in personality as well as biologically, becoming just as mischievous and troublemaking. Like her sister, her pactio ability is the creation of a limitless amount of clones.
  • Negima!?: Fumika finally retains her more cautious personality in this series, but her eyes are now blue in color to differentiate from Fuka. Both she and her twin gain Pactio early in this series, with her only release being a Cosplay card turning her into a Western-style detective. At a later time, she discovers that this form gives her a magic magnifying glass that can see the future. During the "Suka incident", she becomes a bumblebee. Fumika also has a habit of ending all her sentences with desu.

(Seiyū: Mari Kanou, English VA: Alison Viktorin, Spanish VA: Rocío Garcel)

Satomi Hakase

Student Number 24: Satomi Hakase (葉加瀬 聡美, Hakase Satomi) Birthday: 14 July 1988. She is the robotics expert. She is best friends with Chao, and created Chachamaru with her help. Her nickname is "Professor" (博士, meaning "expert, learned person", a play on her last name as it is also pronounced "Hakase"). She and Chao enjoy testing her inventions on Ku Fei. She is also a member of the Robotics and Jet Propulsion Society of Mahora University. Her great intelligence, obsession in her work, and somewhat lacking common sense, lead her classmates to refer to both her and Chao as mad scientists. In her biography, she dislikes things that cannot be explained or scientifically proven, despite the fact that she is well aware of magic and uses it frequently in her work, especially in the creation of her greatest achievement, Chachamaru. She becomes especially amazed when Chachamaru began displaying human emotions, following her interactions with Negi. During the Mahora Festival, she aided Chao with her plan to reveal the existence of mages to the world. She is not seen during the time Negi and some of her classmates are trapped in the future. She makes her reappearance on the 3rd Day of the festival as she and Chao prepare the spell to reveal magic to the world, though she appeared to be having second thoughts. At that point, Negi arrived to stop them. However, by the time Chao was defeated by Negi, she was able to complete the incantation for the Forced Recognition Magic, though the spell was changed with Chao's loss into an enchantment to remove hatred from the world for a day.

At present, Satomi is upgrading Chachamaru's body with more humanlike skin and softer appearance.

7 years later, the terraforming and orbital elevator constuction would have been difficult to implement in the early stages with purely scientific techniques, and it was with her fundamental theory of science-magic integration that it was realized. She apparently married Kurt Godel.

  • Negima!: Her pactio artifact is a magic backpack, allowing her to use a "Plasma Punch" attack.
  • Negima!?: Usually seen alongside either Chao or Chachamaru, Satomi assists in the technical upkeep of the class. During the "Suka incident", she becomes an axolotl (also known as a "wooper looper"). She also retains her mad scientist roots in the omake, both assisting Chao with her nikuman-making "Super Power Hand" and even upgrading the Baka Rangers to animal-like cyborgs (exactly like their Suka forms in continuity).

(Seiyū: Mai Kadowaki, English VA: Jayme Westman, Spanish VA: Connie Madera)

Chisame Hasegawa

Student Number 25: Chisame Hasegawa (長谷川 千雨, Hasegawa Chisame) Birthday: 2 February 1989. She is the grumpy computer geek with a double life. An overly serious pragmatist in public, in private she becomes Chiu, a famous Net Idol who cosplays and displays glamorous and sexy photos of herself on her website after editing them in "Photoshock" (Photoshop). She particularly dislikes the more eccentric members of her class: Chachamaru (robot), Mana (too old for junior high school), the Narutaki twins (underage), Ku Fei, Chao, Evangeline ("foreign" students), Kaede (ninja), Zazie (clown), Negi (underage teacher), and (in the anime) Akira. Actually, she worries that public revelation of her own hobby would label her as crazy as the rest of them. The only people who know about her double life are Negi, Kotarou, Kazumi, Ayaka, and Makie. Unfortunately, not only does Negi find out about her secret, he even accidentally embarrasses her in front of the entire class by blowing her clothes off. She also learns, to her dismay, that Negi has become a big fan of her alter ego Chiu and goes to her webpage every day. Chisame has seen and recognized Negi's inherent gift for attracting girls' affections, and has tried to keep him at arm's length. This proved to be more and more difficult as she was pulled deeper and deeper into Negi's world during the Mahora Festival arc.

Though initially sceptical, and desperate to rationalize the events of the Martial Arts Tournament, Chisame deduced that Negi was a mage while conversing with him and Chachamaru while watching the Tournament. During a later conversation with Chachamaru, she once considered forming a probationary contract with Negi. Though she immediately said that she was just joking, events quickly pulled her in that direction.

Eventually, Chisame and some of the girls were trapped in the future after Chao had succeeded in her plan to reveal magic to the world. Though still reluctant about accepting the concept of magic, she joined the other girls in Negi's rescue and returned to the third day of the school festival.

As things became desperate with Chao's armies attacking, Chisame (with much reluctance on her part) finally agrees to make a Provisional Contract with Negi. She had planned to do so while Negi was still unconscious, but to her embarrassment, he woke up just as she was about to touch lips with him. She immediately kissed him while covering his eyes. This was enough to create a proper Pactio, rather than a botched card, making her the seventh student to form a contract. Her artifact is an elaborately decorated staff, which used in conjunction with her laptop had teleported her (as well as Makie and Ayaka) into cyberspace, when she took part in an electronic battle against Chachamaru to stop Chao and secure the magical barrier. Although she does reconstruct the barrier, she becomes quite frustrated when Chachamaru informed her of the orders to unconditionally surrender in the event that Negi defeated Chao (which he did just before Chisame had broken through Chachamuru's defenses), and that the spell had been changed to remove sadness and hatred in the world for a day.

After the festival, Chisame has found her artifact to be extremely useful, helping her homepage skyrocket to the top rankings all over the Internet. This newfound fame, however, leaves her feeling strangely empty, quite possibly due to the fact that she has used her power for selfish reasons.

She ranks especially high on the "Negi's Love Ranking" by Chamo-kun before the Magic World trip and grows more and more accustomed to magic in general, to her own frustration. Chisame was also roped into going with Ala Alba to the Magic World during spring break. She was also the first to be found by Negi and Chachamaru after the initial separation caused by Fate's attack on the gateport. She also accompanies Negi during his training with Jack to acquire the Magia Erebea and shows quite a bit of emotion at the thought of losing him.

7 years later, after graduating from Mahora University, Chisame became a full-on hikikomori and an internet recluse. Even so, great tust is still vested in her by Negi, and she is quite active behind the scenes as a special advisor to the ISSDA.

In Negima Workshop, it is noted that Chisame and Narusegawa Naru (of Love Hina) are similar in appearance.


Chiu, Chisame's web-idol alter ego, as seen in "Negima!?"

  • Negima!: In the first anime series, her hair was made green instead of the red pictured above. However, when using her Pactio in the final episode, her hair was magically changed to its right color as Chiu.
  • Negima!?: In the "Negima!?" anime, Chisame's hair color is brown. However, she has the seemingly magical ability to change her hair color to pink as Chiu and has the possibility of having her hair color change with a possible Pactio in this series. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a fox who also can turn from Chisame to Chiu while keeping her playful, sexy persona in a younger body and mind. Although we do consistently see small little Chiu snippets from her website, several characters end up annoying Chisame about knowing her secret, calling her "Chiu-Chiu-san" in public.

(Seiyū: Yumi Shimura, English VA: Caitlin Glass, Spanish VA: Martha Ceceña)

Evangeline A.K. McDowell

Student Number 26: Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell (エヴァンジェリン・アタナシア・キティ・マクダウェル, Evanjerin Atanashia Kiti Makudaueru), listed as Evangeline A.K. McDowell Evanjerin Makudaueru on the seating chart. The only Caucasian girl in the class, her birthday is not known; although her body stopped aging at age 10, she is over 500 years old. A cold and devilish little girl, she is actually a hunted witch and vampire, once having a six million dollar bounty on her head, nicknamed the "Dark Evangel" among other names. She rarely says much in class, and what she does say tends to lean towards an attempt to seem as evil as possible. She does have a soft side, however, which she rarely shows. She enjoys playing Go and is in the Go and Tea Ceremony clubs. She has two Ministra Magi, Chachazero and Chachamaru, although how this was done and how exactly they are Ministra Magi is unknown[7].

She was born in a castle in Europe during the Middle Ages, possibly in Ireland or Scotland (McDowell's Mc means grandson of~ in Celtic languages), although it is not known if she was royalty or not. When she awoke on her tenth birthday, she found she had been turned into a vampire while she slept. Initially she had the customary weakness of a vampire towards sunlight and so on that she learned to overcome, becoming a Shinso (真祖, lit. true elder) vampire or "high daylight walker". She developed her magical powers in order to get revenge on the man who turned her, whom she killed. She was initially forced to lead an itinerant life since she could not hide the fact that her body no longer aged, though she shows she can disguise herself as a much more physically mature version of herself, which she may have used to try and seduce Nagi, then later Negi.

Little more is known about her history until more recent times when she was saved by the Thousand Master and pursued him mercilessly out of love thereafter until he managed to shake her off. Feeling rejected, she finally tracked him down in Japan, but was tricked into walking into an "anti-vampire soup" composed of garlic and leek. Employing the powerful Infernus Scholasticus curse, the Thousand Master confined her to the grounds of Mahora Academy and put in place a barrier to restrict her abilities. He claimed that Eva should try to "live in the light for a change" and promised her that he would free her from the curse when she graduated. Unfortunately, 5 years later, he "died", thus her chance of being free from the curse was gone until his son Negi came. Konoemon Konoe, the School Dean, employed her as a security guard, personally keeping him informed about events occurring in the school. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Mr. Takahata wrote "Ask her advice if you are in trouble" in Negi's class roster.

Evangeline eventually turned on Negi, claiming that, as son of the Thousand Master, draining his blood would enable her to break the curse, although on close examination of what she actually said, it is questionable about whether she really intended to go through with it or not. Furthermore, now that she is draining some of Negi's blood as payment for instructing him in combat spells, she is still unable to break the curse. This may imply that it would take more than draining the blood of Nagi or his descendant to undo the spell.

Evangeline specializes in ice-based spells and dark magic, and is shown to be incredibly powerful once in her full capacities. This is shown in her easy win over both Fate Averruncus and the demon-god Sukuna. Even devoid of her magical powers, she is still a very skilled fighter and can effortlessly take down a man twice her size, and was even able to overcome Setsuna with her physical abilities alone (though that may be due to the fact that Setsuna at the time was hesitant to strike at the body of a 'child'). Her title of Doll (or Puppet) Master stems from the fact that, not only is she able to animate dolls, but she can also control people against their will as if they were puppets. Negi convinces her to become his master in magical combat after he sees her true power in Kyoto, and she becomes a demanding teacher, expecting (as well as a daily payment of blood for the lessons) menial servitude from her student. Despite the assistance she gave Negi in Kyoto, Herrmann never captured her when he fought Negi and Kotarou under the world tree, and in fact deliberately avoided her. But she was watching the battle with Chachamaru and Kaede from a distance. There are clues that she may have a romantic interest in Negi, including her jealousy when she found out that he was also taking lessons from Ku Fei and more recently, the rather sensual kiss she gave him in her resort.

She mentioned during the Mahora Festival arc that she did not want to be involved in Chao's plans, and that she would just sit and watch the whole thing. She also gave Chao full permission to do whatever she wanted to Negi.

Before the Magic World trip, she put Asuna through boot camp to help her improve her fighting skills, as it was painfully apparent that Asuna was far below Negi's abilities. Currently, she sits at Mahora Academy with Yotsuba and Hakase, waiting for Ala Alba and the rest of class 3-A to return from the Magic World/Wales. She is very bored.

In the magic world, two doppelgangers appear to assist Negi and co. One appears out of the Magia Erebea scroll and the other out of a different scroll. The second doppelganger can move around outside the scroll and interact with objects in the world.

Eventually, Evangeline was freed of her curse and remained in Mahora for a few more years, watching over Negi. However, Evangeline eventually leaves Mahora and all of her old friends (even Chachazero) to wander the world. She would later re-appear in the Negima sequel (UQ Holder) as Ms. Yukihime.


  • Evangeline's Stats: B:67, W:48, H:63
  • Evangeline's last name is a possible pun on the Japanese pronunciation of the phrase "make doll."
  • Evangeline's titles include:
    • Dark Evangel
    • Doll Master
    • Maga Nosferatu (meaning "the Undead Mage/Wizard").
    • The Queen of The Night
  • Several publications refer to Evangeline's whole name as Evangeline Athanasia Kitty McDowell, however the original pactio card that Akamatsu released writes her name in Latin as Evangelina Athanasia Ecaterina MacDovell. This should have led it to become Evangeline Athanasia Katerina McDowell. Ecaterina, Katerina, and Kitty are all different versions of the name Catherine (the latter being a nickname).
  • Negima!: Although consistently a thorn on Negi's side, she does assist when needed. In the final battle, her Pactio ability awakens her true power once again.
  • Negima!?: After her defeat against Negi, Evangeline tries to stay on the sidelines during the Star Crystal crisis, watching from a distance and spending more time eating ramen and drinking tea with Takamichi and Chachamaru. However she finds herself a target of the true enemy, first turned into a giant and then possessed by the Star Crystals themselves. With the assistance of his students, Negi defeats Evangeline again by doing a Pactio on her, freeing her from the evil influence. Form viewing later opening and closing titles, it is shown that Evangeline's Suka form is a rabbit.

(Seiyū: Yuki Matsuoka, English VA: Laura Bailey, Spanish VA: Ana Lucia Ramos)

Nodoka Miyazaki

Student Number 27: Nodoka Miyazaki (宮崎 のどか, Miyazaki Nodoka) Birthday: 10 May 1988. She is the shy bookworm. A member of the Library Exploration Group, who also helps in the book store, she spends so much time in the library that people outside the Library Exploration Group refer to her as "librarian girl" or "bookshop." (本屋ちゃん Hon'ya-chan in the original Japanese: Del Rey translates it as "librarian girl" or "Librarian-chan", and also by the literal meaning "Bookstore", while Tong Li and Chuang Yi translate it as "Bookshop") When Negi first arrived, she uses her hair to cover her eyes completely. Her current hairstyle usually leaves enough of an opening in her hair that one (and only one) eye and later both eyes can be seen, created by wearing a short ponytail. She is among the highest-scoring students in Negi's class.

Despite having no interest in the opposite sex, Nodoka developed feelings for Negi after he saved her when she fell down some steps. During the second day of Kyoto field trip, Nodoka, after gaining the courage to do so, eventually confessed her love to Negi. However, due to Negi still being a kid, he didn't know how to properly respond to the confession. So he suggested that they should start off as friends, which Nodoka accepted.

Nodoka is the second student Negi makes a probationary contract with, if inadvertently (She won the "Kiss Negi" contest by accident when Yue tripped her, causing her to fall and kiss Negi). Actually, she was supposed to be the first person to make a contract to Negi (thanks to Chamo's scheme, telling Negi that she was kidnapped while putting a love letter to her from Negi himself) but was interrupted by Asuna after she discovered Chamo's true intention. Her magical artifact is the "Diarium Ejus", a diary that shows the thoughts of any person she speaks the name of. A humorous joke concerning her artifact is that her fantasies about Negi are also shown, including thoughts of French-kissing him. During the first day of the festival, she invited him to a date where she gained enough courage to kiss him a second time, after very unfortunate yet insane events. Nodoka and Yue are learning magic from Negi, though it seems that her best friend is ahead of her in terms of spell casting.

During the third day of the Mahora Festival she was part of the group that was caught in the time-trap set by Chao, along with Negi. After escaping from an alternate future she became part of the group fighting Chao's robot army in the Mars Attacks Vs Mage Order 'game'. As they made their way towards Chao, Negi was nearly struck by the time-warping bullets fired from a Tanaka robot. Nodoka saves Negi by pushing him out of the way and taking the hit. Immediately, Negi tries to use the Cassiopeia, which is the only thing that can cancel the effect of the bullets, but she pleads with him to go on because she believes that she can't be of any help to the situation. She disappears, but Chamo assures a stunned Negi that she is safe and will be waiting for him 3 hours in the future, which she does at the end of the battle.

Following the events of the Mahora Festival, Nodoka becomes concerned about her relationships with both Negi and Yue. Thanks to an incident that took place during the second day of the Festival, she has become aware that Yue also has feelings for Negi, but is afraid that these feelings will tear apart her friendship. As a result, Nodoka wants to avoid a bitter love triangle situation and wants to be sure that both she and Yue can be in love with Negi while still being able to remain friends. Unfortunately, after seeing Yue understand the problems that Negi's having during the festival, Nodoka becomes jealous of Yue and begins to question what her true desire is when it comes to Negi. After confessing to Misora about this situation, Nodoka uses the Diarium Ejus to discover what she really wants, and is shocked to see that her desire is that she wants her and Yue to be part of a threesome with Negi.

After the Mahora Festival, she and the other members of the Library Exploration Club were invited to travel with Negi to Wales. During the training arc before the trip, she furthered her studies in magic along with Yue in Evangeline's Resort in preparation. She, Yue and Konoka practiced simple telekinetic exercises, which include pushing over pencils and erasers from a distance using psychic waves. Negi applauded the three in their progress and predicted they would be ready to begin casting magical arrows within 78 hours, although it is unknown if they did.

After the initial separation in the Magic World, Nodoka travelled with a treasure hunting group until she came to Ostia. During this time, she picked up two magic items to increase the potential of her artifact; a clip that allows books to be heard instead of having to read them and a finger tool that spells out the name of any person she asks the name of, making her an extremely valuable person in battle..

Nodoka is slightly different in the anime series of Negima; initially she has a mild case of androphobia (fear of men).

7 years later, Nodoka joined the ISSDA red department. When on break, she joins her old comrads in exploring ancient ruins. She gets involved with Yue's side job after work. (Thanks to the low gravity in the orbital space station, her breasts are steadily... [etc.]). She frequently sees Negi on the route.


  • "Nodoka" means "quiet, calm" (source: Ken Akamatsu, "Negima! Esquisses Préliminaires, Tome 2")
  • In the character notes of Volume 1, her image is noted to be similar to Shinobu Maehara of Love Hina, albeit with long front hair, and lack of the Naru-esque violent tendencies she began developing at the end of the series.
  • According to the character notes in volume 2, Nodoka's name was originally to be Meiko Miyazaki.
  • In the manga, the personality of not liking men is strikingly similar to that of Motoko Aoyama (from Love Hina).
  • Negima!: Although she gains the same Pactio as the manga, she becomes the third student in the class to gain it and the first of the infamous "Mass Pactio".
  • Negima!?: Nodoka once again becomes the second to gain a Pactio, assisting in the battle with the Star Crystals from the beginning. Her Cosplay card gives her the same diary as the manga, but also gives her a pair of glasses (which somehow get to a website and end up rivaling Chiu's). Her Armor ability is a more powerful set of books that determine an enemy's weakness. Finally, she also gains a Suka form that turns her into a seal. Though she continues her admiration towards Negi, the feelings between her and Yue are also explored in this series.

(Seiyū: Mamiko Noto, English VA: Leah Clark, Spanish VA: Patricia Acevedo)

Natsumi Murakami

Student Number 28: Natsumi Murakami (村上 夏美, Murakami Natsumi) Birthday: 21 October 1988. She is a sweet yet shy girl who is an actress in the theatrical club. She loves acting but dislikes her ad-libs as well as her own appearance (underdeveloped figure, unmanageable hair, and in the manga, freckles) because her body is not very 'mature'-looking. In the manga, she also has freckles, and a complex about them as well. This is made worse by being roommates with Ayaka Yukihiro and Chizuru, who both have mature bodies and bigger breasts. Kotarō, who is also staying with them, assumes the identity as her younger brother. Although the role was forced on her by Chizuru, Natsumi seems to be adapting well to the role of being an older sister. Recently however, she seems to be showing signs of jealousy regarding the girls Kotarou has been talking to after the festival (Yue and Nodoka, Kaede, Mei, and Takane).

  • Negima!: Her Pactio allows her to disguise as a mature woman and use a magic motorcycle.
  • Negima!?: Natsumi's hair color is changed to green in this series. Natsumi is stuck most of this series under the shadow of her roommate Chizuru, consistently being belittled mentally by the supposedly helpful but ultimately confusing or damaging comments and actions. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a hamster.

(Seiyū: Mai Aizawa, English VA: Majken Kunishima, Spanish VA: Maru Guerrero)

Ayaka Yukihiro

Student Number 29: Ayaka Yukihiro (雪広 あやか, Yukihiro Ayaka) Birthday: 5 July 1988. She is the rich iincho (いいんちょ, class representative) as she is mostly called. She is the second daughter of the Yukihiro family. More often than not, she winds up being the only thing keeping the class in order, due to Negi's inexperience with handling large groups. She is currently the 3-A class president and is among the highest scorers on school exams, where she was last seen as ranked 4th in her whole grade. She and Asuna seem to hate each other, with the two often getting into fights, but it eventually becomes clear that they merely have an odd, but surprisingly close friendship that neither is willing to admit to. She is the girl most overtly fond of Negi, though she stands by the position that she is only interested in Negi because he "needs a mother figure". A Botched Pactio Card is made, when she kissed a paper double of Negi during the trip to Kyoto. An interesting thing is that while she likes Negi, she frequently gets into arguments with Kotarou, who is also of Negi's age (This is because in the manga he head butts her trying to escape from Chizuru, then calls her old). The reason being Negi in her mind is the perfect boy (smart, polite & nice), while Kotarou is just the opposite (rude, mean, and more street smarts than intelligence). She tends to be aggressive in pretty much everything she does, which tends to wind up with her being misunderstood. However, she is very good at hiding her own past (such as the story about her younger brother who died at childbirth, which may explain her fixation on Negi). She is roommates with Chizuru, Natsumi, and later Kotarō (whom Chizuru introduced to her as Natsumi's little brother), and is in the equestrian and flower-arranging clubs. Even though Ayaka is a rich man's daughter (her family owns a zaibatsu/konzern), that did not stop her from being well-versed in several unnamed martial arts, culminating in having a "ryuha" of her own (Yukihiro Ayaka-ryū). Her affection toward Negi increases substantially after witnessing his performance during the Mahora Fighting Tournament and learning about his missing father. While on the outside, she may appear to be a typical spoiled brat; she is really a kind and caring person who wants to help Negi as much as she can. She even helped him speak with Asuna when the two were briefly avoiding each other. She and several of the girls in the class have vowed to aid Negi in his quest to find his father, though Ayaka may be the most sincere in this case.

Though she is highly intelligent, she can often be clueless in relation to the events surrounding her. Thus, many of her classmates incorrectly think of her as a fool (even if they won't say so out loud).

After Chao succeeds in her plan to reveal magic to the world, Ayaka remains devoted to Negi. When Negi and his group returns to the third day of the Mahora Festival, she is asked to make some changes to the big event being planned, as a favor for Negi. In the initial stages, the participants are armed with magic guns and engage in combat with Chao's robots, under the pretense that it is part of a game. After accidentally being sucked into cyberspace with the activation of Chisame's Pactio, she and Makie assist in the protection of the barrier while Chisame fights against Chachamaru. After the battle ends, she appears to celebrate with the rest of the class... only to magically reappear when she finds out Chao has a book revealing whom Negi marries. Trivia:

  • Ayaka means "fleur-de-lis", the emblem of Mahora Gakuen; coincidentally, this symbol is also used in many Boy Scout groups across the world as the emblem, although that has no relation to Ayaka..
  • A fun tidbit about Ayaka is that nearly every time she appears in a scene, flowers appear from behind her. (Manga Only)
  • Early in the manga, she is referred to as a "half-breed," as one of her parents (her mother, apparently) is from Europe.
  • Negima!: Her Pactio ability ends up having her throw flowers at her opponent, which ultimately do nothing, (though this could be due to her innate personality and not her actual Pactio power). In one episode of the anime, it's also shown that she plays violin, however it's unknown how well she can play (it was shown when Sayo was trying to pass the time)
  • Negima!?: Ayaka retains most of her character traits from the manga: her bossiness, her love/hate feelings towards Asuna (and at one point her Chupacabra/magic club) and her amorous affections towards Negi (seen through a collection of Negi-themed merchandise she has all over her room). Similar love/hate feelings are also directed towards roommate Makie, who she keeps belittling for having no drive. Although she gains Pactio abilities during the mass contract, she is one of the few students to have all three forms invoked. Negi ends up invoking her Armor form at one point to save Asuna, turning her into a whip-wielding female warrior. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a cheetah. Finally, during the "Final Pactio invocation", she reveals her Cosplay form: a perfumer who can trace things by their scents.

(Seiyū: Junko Minagawa, English VA: Laura Bailey, Spanish VA: Maria Fernanda Morales)

Satsuki Yotsuba


Student Number 30: Satsuki Yotsuba (四葉 五月, Yotsuba Satsuki) Birthday: 12 May 1988. The gentle cook of the class. She enjoys cooking and so is in the cooking club. She also works at Chao Bao Zi, a restaurant operated out of a streetcar that sells meat buns and other foods with Chao, Hakase, Ku, and Chachamaru. She is also the school dining officer. A very nice and hard-working person, Satsuki is liked by everyone in Mahora, even Evangeline (who sees the rest of the class as a pack of air-headed beasts). Her very presence creates an atmosphere of serenity, and she can quickly put a stop to fights even between the hot-headed students in the High School and University martial arts clubs. Satsuki's dream is to have her own restaurant, as she likes making people happy through her food. Satsuki has a unique way of speaking that is shown in the manga by depicting her words without a speech bubble. Satsuki seems to be privvy to the details of Chao's true identity, and presumably the existence of magic, as she had helped Takamichi, and later Misora and Cocone escape from Chao's underground complex, and even pilots the Chao Bao Zi car, which is capable of flight, to rescue Negi and Chao at the end of their battle. The manga and anime also tend to associate her with Koalas.


  • Her personal name, Satsuki, literally means the "fifth month" of the solar calendar, May.
  • Negima!: Her Pactio ability is a magical version of her Chao Bao Zi stand to feed hungry demons.
  • Negima!?: Satsuki gains slight prominence as leader of the domestic/caretaker group after the class is sent to an alternate universe. During the "Suka incident", she turns into a squirrel.

(Seiyū: Naomi Inoue English VA: Monica Rial Spanish VA: Leyla Rangel)

Zazie Rainyday

Student Number 31: Zazie Rainyday (ザジ・レイニーデイ, Zaji Reinīdei) Birthday: 17 March 1989. The silent acrobat, and one of the most mysterious girls of the class. Nothing much is known about her, as she rarely associates with anybody, and even when she does, she rarely talks (she has spoken only seven times in the serialized manga thus far), although in volume 6, a snapshot hints that she may have a mature body. What is known is that she is a member of the Nightmare Circus, the school's Acrobatic Club, and is seen directing a group of "monsters" or "spirits" (similar to No-Face from Spirited Away) when she offered to cover for her classmates during the school festival, and gave Chao a tiny living dragon as a farewell gift. She also has been shown to see Sayo without the assistance of Negi or holding a closeness towards her like Kazumi. According to Negi's Class Register, Zazie is also a member of the school's Magic Club, (though if she knows real magic like Negi is still in question). In the anime, she is shown to have proficiency in all kinds of circus tricks such as juggling, sleight of hand, and costume changing. She has dark skin, and has two particular face paint marks: a large teardrop under her left eye (strongly resembling the carnival character "pierro"), and a vertical line resembling a scar crossing the right side of her face. A splash picture of the cast shows her with claws growing from her fingers.[8] She is sometimes seen with her pet bird, but more recently with her "friends" (the black spirits-monsters). So far, she is the least known of all the students in Negi's class and very little has been revealed about her. When Zazie's name is seen written down it uses the Latin alphabet, rather than being written in Japanese. This is similar to Evangeline's written name which is also written with the Latin alphabet. This may indicate that Zazie isn't from Japan and may be from another country that uses a Latin based alphabet, like Evangeline being from Europe. This is backed up by the fact that Chisame referred to her as a transfer student in volume 2. In the most recent chapters, she made an unexpected appearance in the Magical World, appearing right at the end of Chapter 294. Her motives are currently unknown and it may be likely that she is working in some way with Fate's Team, considering she was found inside the Gravekeeper's Palace and that no mention of her coming through the airport was given. It is revealed that it isn't Zazie but her older twin sister.

Zazie OAD2

Zazie hanging out with Sayo and her "friends"

  • Negima!: After gaining Pactio, she gets a set of magical slicing cards. She also gets in her only line of the series in the final episode.
  • Negima!?: Although usually quiet and seen juggling around items in this series, Zazie does speak more often, primarily in small conversations with roommate Mana. Also, when she is accidentally captured in a trap intended to catch the Black Rose Baron, Asuna refers to her as a foreigner (just like the accusation in the manga). During the "Suka incident", she turns into a squid (which is also her card representation during the final battle, while all the other girls are represented by Armor cards).

(Seiyū: Yuka Inokuchi English VA: Carrie Savage Spanish VA: Mayra Arellano)



Class Chart Epilogue


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