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The Mahora Academy is an academy located in northern Tokyo of Japan. The academy serves as the primary location where the Negima! Magister Negi Magi series occurs.

The school was funded by a European during the Meiji era of Japan (1868 - 1912)

At present 30,000 students earn their education at Mahora, ranging from grade school to university. The academy grounds, which is large enough to be considered its own city district, serves as the headquarters for the Kanto Magic Association.


A street located near the Mahora Academy Student Dormitory. It is famed for its rows of cherry blossom trees that line the street on either side. At the start of Negi's second year of teaching, the street was also famed as being the location of various vampire attacks.

It is the shopping district of Mahora. Designed in the same European style as the academy, the city is connected to Tokyo via the Academy City Bridge and the Mahora Train Station.

  • Disused School Building; a depilated school building that is now used by students as a courage test at nights.
  • Academy Underground, linked with the district's sewer and water system is a massive complex of underground ruins threaded by the roots of the World Tree. The underground levels of Library Island are part of these ruins, as is Albireo's Resort found within the ruins deep within the roots of the World Tree. Chao Lingshen used various abandoned buildings within the ruins to store her robot army for her attack on Mahora Academy at the end of the Mahora Academy School Festival.

Location Design


The appearance of Mahora Academy is based on the buildings in Prague, of the Czech Republic.

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  • While Megalomesembria is considered the governing authority of Mahora, the academy largely operates independently from the Magic World's council edicts.
  • Amongst the academy's many district magazines is the Mahosupo or Mahora Sports; a gossip magazine that delves in local events and happenings. During the Mahora Academy School Festival the magazine published numerous articles about the love confession legend involving the World Tree.
  • While publicly a typical academy, Mahora also possesses a group of Magic teachers who deal with various magic-oriented tasks and situations.
  • The academy is protected by a magical barrier that prevents destructive magical beings from accessing their full power within the academy grounds.
  • The academy has its own computer network known as the MahoNet that runs the academy's various installations; including the Magical Barrier.