Lebenschilt Castle is a miniaturized world located within five glass diorama spheres in Evangeline's Cottage.

Now a miniaturized dimensional world, the castle originally stood deep within the African jungle (Evangeline referred to it as the "Dark continent," a term that was used during the 19th century) and later moved into a diorama sphere to avoid attention from head hunters.

After using her resort to train Negi Springfield, following the addition of other apprentices, Evangeline created a new, larger diorama sphere system with multiple environments to further their training.


  • Lebenschilt Castle: the castle serves as the central hub from which people can access the other four environments.
  • Arctic: a snow-covered environment with glaciers where the temperature is -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Desert: a barren sand desert environment where the temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Mountain: a slice of a mountain range, with at least one mountain with lands surrounding it, the same biosphere as the Himalayas. There is wood that can be gathered and fish in the streams that can be caught for food.
  • Unknown: it is not clear what this environment is, but putting the other ones in consideration, possibly involves an ocean.



  • The castle first appeared in Chapter 170.
  • Within the castle Evangeline's powers are unsealed, enabling Chachazero to move freely on her own.
  • Following the formation of the Negima Club, Eva agreed to use the castle as the group's club room as part of her duties as the group's "Honorary Advisor".
  • During their time in the Magic World, Princess Theodora gave Negi another of these Diorama Spheres to train within; this one being a tropical island with a cabana.
  • Time moves at an accelerated rate of 24 times faster within the castle, where a single hour in the outside world is equivalent to a full day within the sphere.
  • Due to a spell cast by Evangeline, occupants must stay for a "day" before being able to leave.
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