Kakon Omma Petrōseōs
Evil Eye of Petrification
Kanji 石化の邪眼(カコン・オンマ・ペトローセオース)
Romaji Kakon Onma Petorōseōsu
English Evil Eye of Petrification
Greek Κακόν ὄμμα πετρώσεως
Transliteration Kakon Omma Petrôseôs
Debut (Manga) Chapter 51
User(s) Fate Averruncus

Kakon Omma Petrōseōs is an attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and non-living beings in contact with it. The beam is also capable of being released from one's eye in a skilled mage, a reference to the Basilisk invoked in the spell.

Due to the concentrated nature of the attack, it has a smaller effective range compared to Pnoē Petras , but it is capable of penetrating magic shields. The beam itself is also physically destructive, shown to be able to easily cut through wood.


Βασιλίσκε, γαλεώτη, μετὰ χὠκτὼ ποδῶν καὶ κακοῖν ὀμμάτοιν!
τὸ φῶσ ἐμῇ χειρί κατίας τῷ κακῷ δέργματι τοξευσάτω.
Κακόν Ὄμμα Πετρώσεως

Basiliske, galeōtē, meta chōktō podōn kai kakoin ommatoin!
to phōs emēi cheiri katiās tōi kakōi dergmati toxeusatō.
Kakon Omma Petrōseōs

(バージリスケ、ガレオーテ、メタ・コークトー・ポドーン・カイ・カコイン・オンマトイン・ト・フォース・エメーイ・ケイリ・カティアース・トーイ・カコーイ・デルグマティ・トクセウサトー カコン・オンマ・ペトローセオース)

Bājirisuke, Gareōte, Meta Kōkutō Podōn Kai Kakoin Onmatoin to Fōsu Emēi Keiri Katiāsu Tōi Kakōi Derugumati Tokuseusatō Kakon Onma Petorōseōsu

Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes!
Light Placed into My Hand, Shoot Forth the Evil Look!
Evil Eye of Petrification!

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