Fulguratio Albicans
Fulguratio Albicans
Kanji 白き雷
Romaji shiroki ikadzuchi
English White Lightning
Debut (Manga) Chapter 41
User(s) Negi

Fulguratio Albicans (White Lightning, literally Glittering/Shimmering Lightning) is a mid-level attack spell that emits an intense electric attack on the target. While ineffective against inanimate targets, it wields tremendous power against living beings. If a living creature is near the spell's target, the creature is also affected, causing a chaining effect.


Unus fulgor concidens noctem,
in mea manu ens inimicum edat.
Fulguratio Albicans

One flash of lightning to cut through the night,
spring forth from my hand and throttle my enemy!
White Lightning!

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