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Fan service(ファンサービス fan sābisu), fanservice, service cut(サービスカット sābisu katto), or simply service(サービス sābisu)[1], is a vaguely-defined term primarily used for anime and manga to refer to elements that are unnecessary to the storyline.[2][3] Fanservice explicitly refers to material that is designed to amuse or excite the audience with sexually-derived content.[4][5] When such content fits within the storyline, it would not usually be considered fan service, but excessive content is usually considered gratuitous regardless of its justification.[6]

While the term is used primarily with respect to Japanese media, any gratuitous content within entertainment may be considered to be fan service.


The typical, but not only, variety of fan service is racy or sexual content (usually female, but sometimes male[2]) used to titillate the viewer, such as nudity or other forms of eye candy.[4][5] Shower scenes[4] are very common in movies, and in anime of the 1980s and 1990s, while many more recent TV series use trips to onsen (Japanese hot springs) or trips to tropical locales, in order to showcase the characters in bathing suits;[5] all aim to depict characters in states of relative undress when it would otherwise be out of place with the tone of a series. In anime, two common types of fan service are the panty shot and jiggling breasts.


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