The Dormitory Bathhouse is a large Japanese-style bath house attached to the Mahora Academy Student Dormitory.

Free to students of Mahora Academy, the bath house contains many modern facilities, with Japanese-style shower stations, spas and a large central pool. While the facilities are separated between male and female areas, elementary school students, or students of similar age, seem to be exempt from this rule and are free to bath in whichever section they choose.


Other Appearances

UQ Holder!

Main Article: Dormitory Bathhouse

In UQ Holder!, after learning of the bathhouse from Santa Sasaki, Touta Konoe leads Karin Yuuki, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Ikkuu Ameya and Kirie Sakurame to try it out.


  • The origin of Japanese bathing is Misogi, a Shinto practice of ritual purification by washing the entire body. Misogi is related to another Shinto purification ritual called Harae – thus both being collectively referred to as Misogiharae. After Japan imported Buddhist culture, many Buddhist temples had saunas built available for anyone to use for purification.
  • In the Heian period, houses of prominent families, such as the families of court nobles or samurai, had baths. Eventually, the bath lost its religious significance and instead became a leisure activity.
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