For the group of the same name, see Cosmo Entelecheia (Group).

"Fall but once into its grasp and you can never return... This is the place that severs all ties...The Eternal Garden...The Untainted Paradise...Cosmo Entelecheia"
—Poyo Rainyday

A Cosmo Entelecheia (Perfect World) is a "Paradise Realm" that is frequently described as a never-ending garden, however, the realm's appearance actually takes the shape of each individual's greatest dream or wish, presenting the happiest possible world for each individual. From this perspective, it can be considered not a literal representation but the symbolic iteration of an "eternal garden".

In the case of Negi Springfield, who had been sent to a replica of the realm by Poyo Rainyday, the realm took the shape of a world where Fate and his companions had been entirely defeated by Ala Rubra during their initial encounter twenty years previously. Negi experienced a typical day at Mahora Academy where he was still the class teacher but is now acquainted with, and visited by, his parents Nagi Springfield and Arika Anarchia Entheofushia, in addition Old Man Stan and the village Negi grew up in were not petrified.

Other members of Ala Alba who were caught in Poyo's trap also experienced their own "happiest worlds", based and built on their existing wishes and regrets.
The group Cosmo Entelecheia intended to use the Code of the Lifemaker to teleport all of the native (non-human) occupants of the Magic World to their own Cosmo Entelecheias. They reasoned that this was a better fate than awaiting for the demise of the magic realm where the world and all magical subjects within it would vanish.



  • The more unfulfilled wishes a person carried, the greater the pull to stay within a Cosmo Entelecheia was.
  • The primary difference between a real Cosmo Entelecheia and Poyo's artifact is that the real article would absorb the individual entirely, body and all, while the artifact just traps the mind. In addition, the artifact technique is ineffectual against someone who is completely satisfied with their life.
  • The keyword to leave Poyo's replica of the realm is "Audacia Paula" (A Little Courage), symbolising that it takes a little courage to step from a dream to face the "Real World".
  • Zazie Rainyday had observed Negi while he spent time in the Cosmo Entelecheia replica and so was available to offer advice when he caught on to the realm's divergence from the "Real World".
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