Great grand master key

The Code of the Lifemaker

The Maker Key is directly linked to the secret of the Magical World, and the name of this power is "Code of the Lifemaker". It is a form of ultimate magical artifact with the capacity to control the power of this world's (Magical World) creator. This "Code of the Lifemaker" exists in three main forms:

Firstly: A large number of "Master Keys". These are the simplest applications, designed for use in combat. They are still sufficient to defeat any resident of the magical world.

Secondly: There are 7 "Grand Master Keys", with the ability to manipulate the creator´s power at a more advanced level. Those type are mostly wield by the members of Cosmo Entelecheia, like Dynamis and Fate.

Finally: There is a single "Great Grand Master Key". In theory, it can wield a level of power equal to that of the creator himself. Its quite literally the final key to the Magical World.

Known Powers

  • Rewrite: The user 'deletes' an object or person from the Magical World into the Eternal Garden.
  • Relocation: The user can teleport himself and anyone he names to any location.
  • Defending: The user denies or cancels any kind of Magic used against them.
  • Attacking: Similar to 'Rewrite', with the difference being that it is used with a ray or beam. Most lower class Master Key users utilize this method.
  • Force Summon: Used by Dynamis to Summon members of Ala Alba out of Kaedes artifakt, Tengu no Kakuremino.
  • "Cosmo Entelecheia", All Records Archives, Forced Sommon: Rebirth: Used by Dynamis to summon the ancient Dragon Vrkso Nagasya, which was sent before to the Eternal Garden. The Reborn Dragon has by it a darker design as the original.



  • Even though Fate's Ministra Magi are 'higher' class members of Cosmo Entelecheia, none of them has yet to be seen using a Key.
  • The only Members of Cosmo Entelechia who have used a 'Grand Master Key' so far are Dynamis, Fate, and Tsukuyomi, Leaving 4 'Grand Master Key' left.
  • In Fate's flashback, Secundum is seen to use another 'Grand Master Key'. It is assumable that Septendecim and Nii used some Keys as well for their soul hunting.
  • The Maker Key is named after the 1983 novel "Code of the Lifemaker," written by James P. Hogan. The story describes the contact between Earth explorers and the Taloids, which are clanking replicators who have colonized Saturn's moon Titan, which is similar to Negi and his class of the Old World (Earth) encountering beings of the Magic World (Mars).
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