The Class 3-A Haunted House is a class exhibit that Class 3-A set up and ran during the Mahora Academy School Festival.

Originally opting to do a Maid Cafe (aka "Merry Maids Cafe"), other ideas included All-Girl Swimsuit Expo Cafe, All-Girl Mud Wrestling Cafe, Cat-Eared Nudie Bar, No-Panties Cafe (No-pan kissa). As the ideas became more outlandish, it was decided that the class would hold a Haunted House instead.

Held within the 3-A classroom, the haunted house is aided by one of Chao Lingshen's inventions that creates a dimensional paradox space within the constructed house; making it larger on the inside than it is on the outside. The house's tricks are further aided by Sayo Aisaka, who is in fact a real ghost.

After recordings were released of the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament on the festival's second day, the class went to watch Negi's final tournament fights while Zazie Rainyday volunteered to stay and run the haunted house with real ghosts and demons.



  • The Haunted House, alongside the Café, is a popular choice that school classes may choose to exhibit during a School Festival in Japan.
  • The Haunted House is a popular "date spot" as it is believed that a lot can be revealed about a relationship when they are scared; such as wether or not they rely on each other for emotional support when under duress. As such the attraction itself often serves as a test for the relationship.
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