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From LTR: Morborgran, Paio Zi, Negi, Zaytsev, Rizo

Canis Niger is the seventeeth unit of the bounty hunting division of the mercenary association.


Four members are known:

Alexander Zaytsev, also known as "Twillight Zaytsev" and "Chiko Tan", is their acting leader.

The group itself is rather mixed, consisting out of a former prize fighter, a demon and 2 non-humans. Paio Zi is the only female in the group.

Even thought they are bounty hunter and mercenaries, each of them seems to have a personal quirk. Zaytsev is concerned about his hidden name, Rizo is constantly worried about his mother and money, Paio Zi, despite being a woman herself, is obsessed with "Boobies~" and Morborgran that he always gets the most difficult tasks and thinks the origin of it is because of his look-like.


They are first seen as they attacked Nodoka's treasure hunter group in order to bait Negi and the rest of Ala Alba, but were swiftly defeated by Negi.

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Canis Niger meeting Negi in the bath

Negi later met Canis Niger, without Paio Zi, in the public bath again where they had a rather friendly chat.

Later it is revealed that Alexander Zaystev was the last year's champion of the "Ultima Competitio Campionis" tournament, in which he practiced this year only as co-commentator.

Paio Zi appears years later, after Negi's Mars project started in Mahora and terrorized there the young females of the school until she was stopped by Yue.

Appearances in other media

UQ Holder!

Morborgran reappears as one of the fighters of the Ultima Competitio Campionis.


  • Canis Niger is latin for Black Dog.