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Agilitas Fulminis
Agilitas Fulminis.png
Kanji 疾風迅雷 (アギリタース・フルミニス)
Romaji Agiritāsu Furuminisu
English Lightning Speed

Agilitas Fulminis is one of Negi's primary Magia Erebea forms. It is used to primarily enhance his speed and mobility.


One of the practical uses of dark magic, it takes the magic power from “Thunderous Gale (Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens)” into one’s flesh and fuses it with the spirit. In doing so, it gives the caster exceedingly great mobility. But if it fails, not only is there a danger that the gusts and lightning from “Thunderous Gale” will damage the user’s flesh, but there are cases when the wind spirits (spiritus) violate the caster’s mind (spiritus) and make him go mad.[1]


  • The user's speed and mobility is greatly increased.
  • The magic spells used become enhanced with electrical properties


Why would loading the magic power of “Thunderous Gale” into oneself give the caster such extreme mobility? It is because premodern cultural systems that use spells have a prelogical mentality (mentalité prélogique), so to speak. The French social scientists and anthropologist, L. Lévy-Brühl (1857-1939), states the following: “The mentality of primitive people could be called prelogical just as easily as it could be called mystic.” (How Natices Think, ch. II, II)[1]

It is believed that the language systems in premoden and prelogical cultures tended to dislike abstract linguistic activity. Therefore, their linguistic activity is made up of extremely specific forms. “The closer the mentality of a societal group comes to prelogical forms, the more power their literal thoughts have. Their language proves that. The typical vocabulary, vocabulary that deals with accurate, general ideas, is almost completely lacking, and their special vocabulary, or in other words, their vocabulary that indicates existences or objects that bring a special, specific image to mind when called by name, is plentiful. (…) [For example] the Tasmanians did not have any words that reproduce abstract ideas. (…) They could not even express properties in abstract ways such as hard, soft, hot, cold, long, short, round, etc. to express “hard,” they would say, “like a stone;” for “high,” they would say, “big legs;” and for “round,” they would say “like a ball” or “like the moon.” (ibid. ch. IV, V, emphasis added)[1]

As it says here, prelogical languages expressed abstract ideas – whether by simile or by metaphor – through specific things. This, too, is because abstract ideas and specific objects are linked in various ways through a law called the “law of participation (loi de participation).”[1]

Therefore, the spell that produces gales and lightning, “Thunderous Gale,” also implies the “rapidity” of a gale and the “swiftness” of lightning, and, as words imbued with the power of a spell, it can also bring about those effects.[1]


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